Sunday, July 13, 2014

second verse, same as the first

Not much has changed since Friday except we came back with another truckload of stuff, mostly boxes of old business records (8 to be exact), two boxes of tchotchkes I had put aside for the grandkids and had misplaced (so I was glad to come across them), a box of silver and crystal items that belonged to my mother that had been put aside for my son (who has decided he doesn't want them as they don't fit in his lifestyle), the rest of the red crinum lilies that I finally dug up along with cuttings off the heritage rose and the yellow trumpet flower (that are now in pots having been dipped in root stimulator), 

and the air conditioner/heater window unit from the old shop with help from the teenage boys that are squatting in the house.

My 17 year old grandson has basically moved into my vacant house, dragging the bed and box springs and the run down loveseat from our little apartment part of the house to the living room where the big air conditioner is, moved his TV and clothes over. We got there one day last week to find 8 teenagers camped out, one group playing video games and another group playing cards. They had fetched the patio furniture and barbeque grill from his house next door and fixed themselves dinner the night before. So cute to see the boys playing house. They have been very helpful without complaint though, loading the truck for us. My grandson calls nearly every day letting us know when he has to be at work in case we are coming in and need him to help with heavy stuff.

We finally have a firm time and day for closing. Monday at 11 AM. We're going to try and be completely out by the end of next week but I figure it will take longer because, well, just because it does. Kevin (the buyer) is being very accommodating. I think we really have, this time, got everything but the air compressor, refrigerator, sandblast booth, old truck, and the etched glass still installed in the old shop. I'm calling my installer Monday to arrange for them to move the two big pieces for us. It doesn't seem like much left to be done and once our son-in-law gets his trailer, maybe it will go quicker than I think.

Ha! What are the odds of that?

I've been wanting to get in the pool just about every day this week but somehow I managed to supercharge the water with chlorine and it still hasn't dissipated to 'safe' levels. Maybe today.

Looks inviting, doesn't it?


  1. Almost too cool to swim today. I have a small one that gets a lot of use.

  2. When we were kids, we would all water -run clockwise in the pool for a while, and then reverse for the anti-current. Make sense?

  3. That sounds like a fair amount of heavy lifting done.
    When none of the grandkids wanted mom's silver and glass we donated it to the museum/home of the Sieberling family, of tire fame. Got a large deed of gift in return, that came in handy at income tax time.

  4. Oh man, a teen-dream. Mattress on the floor, old couch, TV set, video games, pizza. The best.

  5. Maybe the water is just playing hard to get, so that it can give you a cooling gift after closing. ;-)

  6. Well, I'm glad the kids are getting some use out of your old house, though personally I'd be a little nervous about an unsupervised gaggle of teenagers!

    Sounds like you are making headway on the last of the move! It's amazing how stuff accumulates, isn't it?

  7. That pool DOES look inviting - although it's too cool here to contemplate it today. Ask me again next week :)

    Glad your grandson is so helpful - his folks apparently raised him right!


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