Friday, July 11, 2014

faster, faster, the lights are turning red and, yup, a selfie

I'm going to have to stop reading the comments to articles and posts I read on FB. They are making me despise humanity and I struggle with that already as it is. Something about this medium that brings out the worst in some people. Or maybe, those are the ones that it attracts most, the sociopaths. (I amend this...only certain posts and news items. I've 'met' some great folks on FB that I am happy to be connected with as a friend reminded me).

Anyway, I spend too much time on-line myself and I intend on cutting down and start spending that time in the studio.

This moving the shop from the city is taking far too long for my liking. Stuff is just thrown in the new shop helter skelter, no organization at all and no ideas even about how we are going to use the space. I'm getting antsy, everything is in turmoil. I want to get to work.

It's hard to focus on the new shop when we are still trying to move out of the old place. Who knew we still had so much stuff in the city though we are down to the big items like the Tuff Shed that is the sandblasting booth which we have no idea how to move. We may have to abandon it and just buy a new one. The air compressor which is upright and very heavy but we have an inkling how to move it but not how to get it in the truck or on a trailer. The refrigerator, also big and heavy. The air conditioner/heater in the old shop. Still have to move an old truck in the driveway that needs a new battery which we don't want to buy.

And it's looking like the closing might not be today after all. It was supposed to be last Tuesday but the underwriters weren't ready so it was moved to Friday, today. But now, the lawyers that are drawing up all the paper work may not be ready til Monday.



  1. I hate being in limbo.
    Love your selfie. Frustration becomes you.

  2. You seem anti-facebook to me. I'm actually shocked you're on it.

    I know, family, grandkids blah blah

  3. well, down to big stuff isn't too bad. the organization part...that's much worse. :)

    as for social media, i only blog. i read news off the web, but stay away from comments.

  4. I should send my housekeeper to you, she is the queen of organization. The only way I have any semblance to order.

  5. Moving is chaos. But you will prevail. It's a huge move ... of course it's taking longer than you hoped.

    What I like about comment threads on FB is that you can see every kind of comment. When they turn nasty or people start repeating themselves over and over, I move on to something else.

  6. Sigh. Why are underwriters never ready?
    Moving is a huge project, but when you have the kind of heavy specialized equipment that you guys have, it just takes longer. Plus it has to be hot this time of year, and very tiring. Ugh.

  7. Is it worth consulting a professional about moving the larger items?

    I've found that limiting my Facebook time and avoiding all political discussions keeps me sane.

  8. FB posts. I get a lot at the moment about events in the Middle East (good people post them - it's what they're about that gets to me). As the DL says on your sidebar: "the energy of anger is almost always unreliable. It can cause an immense amount of destructive, unfortunate behavior."

  9. Again, evidence of something I don't think many people realize.
    Making art can be a hard, technical, physical thing. It's not all staring at clouds and sitting around waiting for inspiration to drift into your life.
    Great selfie!


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