Monday, July 28, 2014

granny camp 5.3

As I mentioned previously, grandgirl Jade has been here for her week.

I discovered this morning that two consecutive days of pictures I took of Jade's visit, the day we did the tie dye and the day we went to the beach, are missing. Apparently, I deleted them before downloading them. I can't imagine that I did so but they are missing.

Monday we got groceries and craft supplies in. We spent Tuesday and Wednesday in the city getting the last of our stuff and buying the new car so Jade will return for a make-up weekend.

The rest of the week we poked around in all the little antique stores and resale shops.

We tie dyed (my pictures are missing but Jade took a few).

We swam in the pool.

Jade likes to cook so we made her favorite chicken dish, smothered chicken, and banana pudding and a big fruit salad and a lime pie. Not all on the same day.

We went to the beach. There was almost no surf that day but the water still felt good. There were two large flocks of brown pelicans floating out in the water and we watched while one flew over and then took a nose dive and plummeted into the water. I guess there was a school of small fish out past where we were swimming as the seagulls and other shore birds were flying around above a section of water and diving in, sometimes coming up with a small silver fish. We had to leave mid-afternoon though as a huge rainstorm with lightening and thunder was sweeping over us. It was raining so hard as we traversed the bridge over the inter-coastal canal that I could barely see.

Friday was movie day. We went to see Lucy. It was not what I expected though I'm not exactly sure what I expected.

While we were at the beach, we collected lots of shells, primarily oyster shells, and driftwood to make wind chimes, or rather, wind clackers. I used the drill press to put holes in them and Jade strung them up.

She also made a dream catcher using some of the smaller shells for decoration.

Then, Sunday, it was time to take her home.


  1. she's really a cutie and quite creative - like her grandma. :) like the tie-dye a lot!

  2. I had a dream catcher in my car for years. I had the car for years too.

  3. You showed her such a wonderful time! I love the t shirts!

  4. love granny camp. I adore doing tie dye, always have always will....and anything with shells is fine by me. So cute the two of you. Linda

  5. You are a genius Grandmother ! The shirt turned out so well, I could never get a spiral like that, Beautiful colors! All of the makings are fabulous, Good job you two.

  6. Tie die will be around as long as there are grandchildren.

  7. The pool picture truly shows how very much she looks like you! Wow. So pretty, both of you. :)

    And she is so talented and I love how enthusiastic she is about all the projects and her cooking.

    I see you denied my "Grandma Camp" application again. ::wink::

  8. Nice to see that your creativity continues into this generation. She's a talented and lovely girl. Her shirt turned out terrific and he clacker/chimes and dreamcatcher are wonderful. And in that photo of her on the beach.. I can see her Granny in her face.

  9. The tie-dye is fabulous! I really need to try it myself. I'm going to put it on the list :)

    Talented, pretty, spends time with her grandparents. She's a winner!


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