Friday, July 18, 2014

gaping holes and dangling wires and a selfie

Well, I guess we're out. We have stripped the old shop of supplies, tools, equipment, light fixtures, and glass. We have taken what we want from the old house.

The entry glass and the large window and the other large window at my daughter's house were delivered to the new shop Wednesday. The air compressor, the refrigerator, and the pony tail palm were delivered out here yesterday. Our son-in-law brought out the old truck yesterday as well. There's still a few pieces of good lumber that I want to retrieve and some more plants, either through digging them up or cuttings, and the rest of our pavers that we repaired the driveway with last summer when we had to have the main sewer line replaced but by and large, we are done there.

The sandblast booth may have to be abandoned since we couldn't find anyone with the ability or willingness to move it for us. It will fit on our son-in-law's trailer if we can get it on there so we may make one more attempt before we give up. We did not disconnect the plumbing from the old cast iron ball and claw foot tub. Even if we had, I'm not sure we could have gotten it out of the bathroom without removing the toilet and sink (very small room) or even then.

So now we get to turn our attention to setting up the new shop. Lots of things to be done...taking down the old cigarette smoke infused paneling and replacing it with sheetrock, pulling up the old indoor/outdoor cigarette smoke infused carpet in the rooms, putting in insulation and sheetrock in the large bay area, getting the air compressor hooked up and a shelter built and the air pipes placed, building a permanent glass rack, getting 220 plugs installed for the kilns, getting the AC/heater installed in the rooms for starters. Also, the roof in the big bay leaks in two areas so we need to get that looked at.

I'd like to get a rudimentary work area set up pretty quick and devote some days to work while we remodel.

I also have a lot of plants to get settled so I started removing grass along the south side of the cement bunker yesterday so that I can get these bulbs and other plants in the ground. I'm happy that the dirt seems really good, doesn't have the clay we have across the street. It's not the best time of year to be digging stuff up and shocking it but at least the summer has been fairly mild this year.

More digging up grass today.


  1. hooray! you need to leave the old shop and home behind because it sounds like you've got lots of work ahead. :)

  2. Hard work. Good for you. I tell the granddaughters. Seriously, hooray. Things are going well.
    Most plants prefer figuring out how to survive, and do.

  3. God, you look as good as I do when you're working outside.
    Your level of work and accomplishment lately are blowing me away! I sincerely hope you're taking a little time to put your feet up and recover before you start in on it again. You have to take care of yourself, woman!

  4. As much as I hate moving, it is always a great feeling to re-organize!

  5. I keep thinking about all the calories you're burning - whew! I'm going to enjoy hearing about the remodeling...

  6. Pace yourself. You do not want an injury trying to lift something as heavy as your sanding booth...or whatever it is. You can be tired and make mistakes at the end of the day. Be careful.

  7. You are truly pulling up your roots!

    I love the selfie. How can you look so good when pulling weeds after all that work? Damn woman, you are tough.

  8. You have a lot to do.. but thankfully a lot that has already been done. Love the selfie.

  9. Yay! It must feel great to be finished. You have moved (or considered moving) things that I did not even know were movable!

  10. Sounds like you are doing it all yourself with no outside help except family.
    How you can even think about gardening at the same time beats me.

    I could maybe do the one or the other but not three jobs at once.

    Good luck.

    You even look reasonably cheerful!

  11. A lot is going on. Hope every thing falls into place.

    Looking good for flowers. Just don't overdo it.

  12. One phase ends as the next begins to take shape. I've been reading that a change in our routine is good for our brain - your brain must surely be in excellent shape!


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