Wednesday, April 16, 2014

the once and future shop

Sometime after the first of the year, 'for sale' signs appeared on the fence of the property across the street from the country house. It's an old auto body shop that did little business. For the 4 years we have lived here we would see him there occasionally but mostly he was retired and then he died.

We were a little concerned since rumor had it that there was a guy interested who wanted to use it to store stuff. 'Junk it up', I believe was the expression the neighbor used. And another guy interested who wanted to put trailers on it and rent them out. Neither option was something we wanted across the street.

We toyed with the idea of buying it if it was still on the market by summer.

But then the decision by my daughter and her husband to sell their house this year gained momentum and they were feeling us out about selling too and well, I've covered all that.

Anyway, about the time that we decided we would, albeit reluctantly, put the city property on the market with them and with the knowledge that we would have to subsequently move the shop, that property became very appealing.

One Sunday, mid-March, I stood on our driveway gazing at it across the street and I felt with certainty that this was the place, we should do it, but we were closing in on finishing the fabrication we had in the shop in Houston and were leaving the next day.

So, last month, finished with the work and with the time to consider other things and learning that the price had been reduced, Marc called the realtor and expressed an interest only to be told that it had sold the day before.

My heart just sank.

The following week when the widow came to mow, Marc talked to her and told her that if the guy couldn't get financing, that we would be very interested. And a week later than that, last Saturday, he called the realtor again to tell her we wanted our offer on the table in case the contract fell through. And got her voice mail.

I could just not let it go. I tore off a scrap of paper, wrote down the address with a note that this was 'our new shop', and put it in my wallet.

Yesterday mid-morning, the phone rang. It was the realtor and the guy had just backed out of the deal and did we still want it and when could we get there?

By noon we were sitting in the realtor's office signing papers. We close next Wednesday.

Talking with the realtor, there had been several contracts tendered that the widow had rejected and a couple more out there wanting to offer a contract, none of which bode well for the adjacent neighbors, us included.

Once we returned home, we were sort of shell shocked. It was like we were propelled into this big decision. But it felt right, still feels right. We got it for a good price and it's on an acre and a half and it's right across the street.

I see solar panels on the roof, a big raised garden, fruit trees, maybe a labyrinth of flower beds.

I mention the acre and a half because when we were looking to get out of the city, I wanted about two acres but the house and property we both liked was only a half acre. Which, believe me, has turned out to be plenty to take care of, but now I feel like it's complete.

I have a lot less anxiety now about putting the city property on the market since we have a place to move the shop. Still have to figure out the logistics of getting and delivering glass, but that's doable.


  1. I think you are going to find that it is perfect for your business.

  2. hallelujah!!! AWESOME siting for you!

  3. Meant to be. Quite obviously.

  4. I remember how sad you were when the "For Sale" sign disappeared. Hooray for last minute luck (and dedication). Now I can't wait to see the blooming labyrinth. ;-D

  5. Congratulations!

    Perfect location, perfect shop.

  6. I am so excited. When we had no storage facility and no dock the semi's backed down our rural street to deliver. It's all doable.

  7. Oh wow! How perfect is this? It was meant to be. And I bet there is a collective sigh of relief in the neighborhood, too. It's really exciting, and will be fun to see it develop under your capable hands.

  8. YAHOO this is the best news of the day. I was so sad about it going to the other guy...this is awesome! Can't wait to see what you will do with this amazing property- It will be glorious!

  9. Great that all of this has fallen into place for you. As you know, this could have gone south so fast and you would have been stressed for months. This must be right, because it all works.!

  10. You know when something is right, it just is. Congratulations. Oma Linda

  11. Excellent! I'm so happy for you. You visualized it and made it so. What could be better than that!

  12. Wow. That's a little freaky in a most excellent way.

  13. I'm so glad all this worked out for you! You definitely had the universe on your side. :)

  14. you deserve what you have worked for it...nice pic...
    It looks in great shape to start with..

  15. I have been following along and am so glad this worked out! I've shared your recent posts with my daughter, who has an 80-mile commute each way 4-5 days a week. Logic says it is time to move and she's been making progress in that direction...but it doesn't feel right. If she sells the house she's in now there is no going back. I think she's going to wait and see what happens next. Your story illustrates how that can be the best choice ~


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