Wednesday, April 9, 2014

garden, blooms, and work

Since our little excursion last Thursday I have been busy. I puttered around in the yard all day on Friday, just being outside, getting some bedding plants I got from the local nursery earlier in the day. Saturday, Marc tilled compost in the big garden and then I set about to get it planted. I dug up all the tomatoes he had already planted, put some of them in pots (the determinates) and some back in the garden. I got all the tomatoes in, all the different peppers except the jalapenos, got the eggplants and cucumbers in also. And then I ran out of room.

So now I have to get the little garden ready and by that I mean pulling out all the lettuce and spinach. The carrots are still growing. The squash and watermelon will go back there. I have no idea where I'm going to put the jalapenos. And I still have beans to plant.

Here's some of the stuff blooming around here:

a garden club member shared her miniature amaryllis with me last year

the mock dogwood is in full bloom

and this rose bush

along with three large clumps of baby blue eyes

and the wildflowers at the back of the property are starting up...larkspur, evening primrose, bluebonnets, and an occasional poppy.

The next couple of weeks I am back to doing full size art work. Right now I'm working on the two windows for the couple in Maryland who live on the Chesapeake Bay. I also have a door panel with a grapes design for a wine room to do. And I have to finish the drawings for the upstairs cabinets for the job which has had all the downstairs stuff installed already.

another heron 


  1. ooh, love the drawing! admired all of your blooms, too.

  2. Trade you some beans for cucumbers. I've got my beans in but not my cukes.

  3. The heron sketch is wonderful. Right off the bay. Ours still are up in the nests, and visible in the many lakes, ponds and marshes around.

  4. Lovely including the sketch, That amaryllus looks so much like an iris.

  5. how wonderful does your garden grow, Ms. Ellen? love it. and the blossoms are so beautiful.
    your sketch is wonderful....but then I love all your work, it is so genuine and natural. Thanks for sharing. Oma Linda

  6. Love your garden and your flowers and your Chesapeake Bay sketch!
    I'm still a few months behind your Spring, but I see things starting to come alive in my yard, what a relief!

  7. Thanks for the tour. Is the fence supposed to keep out anything in particular?


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