Friday, April 11, 2014

ch ch ch changes...

Change is essential to life, is it not? To live is to change. Without change we become stagnant, stuck in a rut, start to decline eventually.

I resist change. We all do, I think, to one degree or another. Moving out of the city was a long drawn out process and we are still not completely out. Still have the city house. Still go there to work two or three days a week, when we have work and are doing fabrication, which is really three or four days a week when you account for the travel there and back.

And our kids are there, the boy and his wife in the house, the girl and her family in the one next door.

The girl and her family want to sell, need to sell, are going to sell this year. That house is tiny and there are six adult size people living there with one bathroom, 4 of whom are teenagers. There's no place for any of them to escape the pressure.

When they bought that place from us we made a casual verbal agreement to both sell at the same time to maximize our profit, the idea being that one large plot is more valuable than two smaller ones but that was supposed to be several years down the road yet.

So we've been resisting.

Because selling means moving the shop and wherever we move it, all the options have negatives that have to be solved. It means months of disruption. Not only for us but for the boy and wife.

But, the thing is, this land is getting ridiculously valuable and to get the big bucks, we need to sell together.

I've sort of felt out a couple of realtors in the area. We have a figure in mind, the offer we would have a hard time refusing, that we will, albeit reluctantly, sell for and it may not be out of the realm of possibility. It's high but we have a good location and no deed restrictions and people we know in the real estate market that we casually mention it to start salivating.

That someone might actually give us a contract, that's a little scary to me and I do not look forward to moving the shop regardless of where we move it to and if we stay and our daughter sells we will have a new neighbor to have to acclimate to the noise of the compressor when we work.  No way to tell how successful that will be.

More troubling than moving the shop is that the family will be scattered. We are all here, close together. We may not see everybody every time we come in but they are there. The boy and his wife in the house, the girl and her family next door.

That's a hard thing to leave behind.

But leave it behind we must.  We've decided to put the property on the market in May for a very high price.

This is me contemplating all the full size art and fabrication we need to finish before summer in case the property sells right away.


  1. Wow, that does sound like a lot of changes. It will be "character building" is what my bff calls it. You know that the purest gold only comes from being refined by fire. And you are about to become refined. I'll certainly keep you in my meditations. Gawd, I hate moving.......Oma Linda

  2. i don't envy you or any of your family members who will deal with disruption and relocation. but, it sounds like it is prime time for lots of reasons.

  3. It sounds as if your list of pro's overcame your list of con's. All best wishes for the sale, and surviving the ensuing chaos.

  4. Well, I can't relate to the family stuff since we are all spread apart and do our own thing. Best wishes to you all.

  5. oh man, the work of moving, clearing, cleaning fixing, and scooting. I hope that you are taking your vitamins! It sounds daunting at the very least. Moving is, always. BUT , the big BUT, cashing it in sounds like very good timing. I do hope you can do so more effortlessly than I could ever do. I am your cheerleader! GO GIRL!

  6. I totally understand your apprehension but now that you've made the decision, the rest will fall into place. Good luck, Selfie Queen!

  7. Yes, it does sound difficult, but that which does not kill you makes you strong. Perhaps you can find your new shop close to where the girl is moving and at least you can drive by and visit at the end of a work day?

  8. I can understand how bitter sweet selling will be. It's nice to have your family close. Adding in the logistics of moving the shop can't be making this decision any easier. I hope all goes smoothly and you get the price you're asking for.

  9. If I may say so, Ellen, you do not look overjoyed at the prospect.

    Splitting up the family as well as shifting a ;large part of your working life must give you nightmare.

    But if you must, you must. Grit your teeth and make the most of a bad thing.

    Good luck.

  10. Erg. This will be good. Really! Yeah, good... :)


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