Monday, February 10, 2014

and just like that the wheel has turned

Yesterday morning, the house was cold and I was cold. By the time I finally braved going outdoors after piling on the clothes, I was pleasantly surprised. It was actually kind of nice out. Overcast still but brighter than it had been and warmer out than it was in the house.

I heard the geese before I saw them heading northwest and there were signs everywhere.

these little blue flowers are tiny, not even 1/4” across

henbit, also very small

daffodils putting up bloom stalks

Big Mama was enjoying the more temperate day

the bluebonnets are growing big and thick

the promise of an azalea blossom

the native peach tree

tiny green tips coming out all over the mock dogwood

I had two small work tasks to take care of which I did promptly, changed into gardening clothes, and worked on a spot just outside the Little Back Yard creating a new section of the new flower bed I started putting in last year and finally put my Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow in the ground. Poor thing has been in a pot for almost three years. We have a beautiful one of these at the city house and this is a runner I had dug up early on.

I dug up grass and the wild onions that are coming up everywhere, filled a 5 gallon bucket twice from the compost pile and dumped that in there. Added the half bag of dirt I had left over from last year, laid the brick border, and got her in.

We will still get some cold weather, and the first half of this week will make me doubt its demise but now, I do believe, winter is on the run.  



  1. I, too, am wandering around looking for the signs of spring and finding them. It's such a sweetness, isn't it? I commend your garden work. I need to do the same.

  2. I have been trying to comment for days but blogger is refusing to recognise my wordpress address but today it is showing up!

    We've had a really mild winter so far - but it has just rained and rained and rained. :(

    I am so glad that Big Mama is around soaking up the sunshine!

  3. We're getting signs of early spring as well; I do wonder if our early bloom will be affected by late frost and wipe out all summer crop...

  4. don't get your hopes up too far. we're having another blast and chance of snow today and tomorrow. our henbit has frozen again. i want to be mowing lawn... :)

  5. Wish I was joining you,it will be a long time here

  6. Just got back from a walk on the hill, -29*! Not bad if you dress for it. No wind.
    Was heartened to hear of the geese on there way up north and seeing the flowers let's me know not to give up. Spring is on its way!
    thnks. Ellen

  7. My dad gets those first two flowers in his yard too. I always roam around trying to get pictures of them when I visit in March :)

  8. Spring...wish you could share other than virtually. ;-)

  9. On the run, eh? Our is still on stall. Worse yet, I had a very grown up conversation with another grown up this morning, and we acknowledged this is the way winter should be; take that you emerald ash borers and ticks!

  10. I need to take a trip around my garden and see what Old Man Winter has wrought and what is peeking out, if anything. Thanks for this lovely and encouraging look at your garden. Oma Linda

  11. Wheel has turned for you southrons, but up here, I 'm pretty sure we got 32 more weeks of winter.

  12. I've been enjoying Mr. & Mrs. Finch, Chickadee, Titmouse, Cardinal and Mourning Dove coming and going from the feeder all weekend.

  13. You have flowers. I can't believe it. I can't remember what a flower even looks like...ok that's not true, but still.

  14. Show-off!
    Winter may be on the run for you but it’s nowhere near ready to leave round here, small signs of new growth notwithstanding.

    First chance I get I will go hunt for spring.

  15. I am so envious! I am happiest when I have dirt under my nails!!

  16. Spring.. sigh! January and February are our coldest months. We won't be seeing those kinds of signs of spring until late April or early May... after our three feet of snow melts.. if it ever stops snowing. Wanna trade places for a few weeks? :)

    Lovely blossoms though.. it sure is encouraging and only mildly pisses me off. ;)

  17. The only flowers I've seen are the ones I bring in from Trader Joe's. We're stuck in ice and slush now, but I really cannot complain since the entire winter here has been so mild and sunny.
    Your camera takes such perfectly beautiful pictures. Or is it maybe the photographer?

  18. I love those blue flowers at the top. I don't know what they are but I've seen them in Florida too.

    Yay, Big Mama! Glad to see her out and enjoying the sun.

  19. Big Mama! Love her. She does look like she's stretching out to enjoy the warmth.

    Love the flower pictures. We are far from spring here. They bring me hope!


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