Monday, February 17, 2014

being outside

I wish I didn't have to work this week.

The weather is going to be wonderful, which is good for work too, but I need about a week in the yard.

My giant 'bonsai' redbud tree (it's been in a pot all it's life, is at least 14 years old) is budding out and they grew visibly today.

Today was overcast mostly, but warm with a nice breeze and the sun poking out now and then. Puttered around in the yard all day. Just little things, just being outside. I couldn't settle on any one major task with so much to be done so I just flitted from one little thing to another.

I finished the little bit of pruning I missed Friday and hauled two cart loads to the burn pile.

I raked the leaves that had collected on the driveway and around the gate to the Little Backyard and out from around the rocket larkspur that has jumped out of the bed and into the grass and bagged some up to mulch the future tomatoes in the garden and hauled the rest to the compost pile.

I have a sheet that I use for that. For hauling leaves to the compost pile.

I moved all the cold sensitive plants out of my workroom and back outdoors and gave them all a good watering. The plumerias were already green at the tips and starting to sprout and the desert rose got fat.

I did fire ant remediation in a couple of places (soapy water with orange oil).

I planted seeds for love-in-a-mist in 4 places in the yard and planted seeds from the candlestick tree and the mexican bird of paradise in trays for sprouting.

I noticed that a shrub that grows by the front door is blooming and the flowers smell really sweet. This is the first time I have ever noticed it bloom. The flowers are very small, maybe 3/8”.

I tidied up, emptying and gathering up stray pots.

I raised my little wrought iron work station up off the ground before it sank further into the ground and rusted away by putting bricks under the feet.

I had a very good enjoyable day just being outside and breathing in those little bacteria that make us feel so good. It sounds like I did a lot but it was mostly just putzing around

I'd have more pictures to show you but I dropped my camera last Thursday and it mostly doesn't function. It is stuck in AUTO mode and none of the other buttons work and it has gone silent. It will take a picture but the focus is squirrelly. It's still in warranty so I have to send it off for repair. Good thing I still have the old camera, well, Marc has the old camera, or I might have to fall back on my iPad for my Friday selfies.  


  1. i hope they can fix your camera! love the last shot.

  2. OR you can draw your Friday selfie...Old school!

  3. The sky picture is astonishing. Powerful!

    I yearn for spring! I want to be outdoors. I can't wait.

  4. It will never be warm here. Never again. Unless it decides to be 90° overnight. That's what usually happens. I glad someone is happy, though.

  5. the redbuds grow wild all over and really show spring has came. I look forward to their shining.

  6. Actual gardening already! I am envious of your early spring but then you do get droughts in summer. which is not so good.

    Lots of things showing life here too but it’s just too wet to go out.

    My camera is at the repair shop, must go and collect it. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Those leaves on the flowering shrub look like daphne leaves. Could that be it?

  8. So glad to know it's coming. Spring, that is. Thanks for the heads up.
    Camera dropping seems to be the happening fate right now.

  9. I am looking forward to a big thaw this week!

  10. You give me hope that spring will actually arrive!

    You can tell I've been on FB too much - I tried to find the "like" button for Linda Sue's comment :)

  11. The phrase "giant 'bonsai'" sent me in to fits of giggles.

    Hm, I wonder for how long I can keep my avocado plant in a pot and see if it slows down the grow process?

    It's raining here today. So I don't feel too bad about having to stay inside writing.


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