Friday, February 14, 2014

warm blue sky barefoot day

10 petal anemone

Yesterday was the garden club meeting. I'm still a member but my enthusiasm has waned since the whole library etched glass gift fiasco. I've been to a couple of meetings this year. Missed last month because I completely forgot about it. And I would have missed this month because we were in the city this week but not being as prepared for our work week as I thought I was, we came home a day early.

So, I could have gone to the meeting yesterday but it was cold out I just wasn't ready to get dressed and leave the house in time to get to the meeting. The social part starts at 9 AM with the business part starting at 9:30 and then the program.

The club has doubled in size since I joined which is good, and I have made some friends, or I guess I should say friendly acquaintances as we have never socialized outside of club activities, but I am a stranger to most. I am, after all, still a small town newcomer having only lived here for four years.

I know, I get out of it what I put into it but yesterday I didn't feel like putting anything into it.

So instead I stayed on task and did the pattern I had thought I wouldn't need and made a few changes to the finished art work for next week's work because today was expected to be a gorgeous day, and best of all...warm.

Hmmm. Let's see, all my work done, warm outside...

time to cut back all the winter casualties.

the second of about 5 cart loads

I worked out in the yard all day. The wind was howling from the south til about mid-day, 24mph with gusts up to 33mph. I did eventually shed my long sleeve shirt as it got up to the mid-70s, and I was barefoot all day.

I have dirty feet!

I am a happy girl.


  1. Ain't nothing can make me happier than dirty feet.

  2. barefoot is good, but i still shudder over copperheads!!

    i haven't begun any crape myrtle trims or anything this season. but i did see a few spring beauties came up in the yard!

  3. Down to earth and all that it entails. Nothin' like dirty feet in 70 degree weather.

  4. Some major pruning, I like to bundle colorful stalks.

  5. I could have written this post about a group that I have joined. I am putting less into it because of a few bad events with just one or two folks. Silly me. But I think I also have the soul of an artist, and for us, relationships are more complicated! Can hardly wait until it get warmer here, but looking at all your work, I realized I will be exhausted and doing the same!

  6. My sneakers would love to be as dirty as your feet, but the frozen ground is under several inches of snow, and more falling.

    I planted anemone in the fall. I couldn't find them at any local nursery, so went to the internet and found them in Holland, land of tulips and more. I violated all planting instructions, so we'll see what happens. I love the little things.

  7. dirty feet are a true sign that you've made that earth connection. One of my hearts desires. Lucky, lucky you.

  8. Now you can once again feel grounded...literally! WOW anenemies are the fanciest and the most frequently misspelled. Glad the weather is agreeing with you!

  9. You got your work cut out outdoors. Are you sure spring is around the corner? We are being surprised by the weather everywhere.

  10. The moment I saw your picture, I yelled, "Sexy Ellen!" and started giggling. Yes, I'm living my having-a-year-dreams vicariously through your green adventures.

    I don't have anything outside, so no work to be done. But someone did send me some bulbs that need to go in the ground (even if it's a bit late).

  11. It was warm here too (everything is relative) and I think on my run I actually did catch the sun ... don't lose any sleep over the gardening club - the meeting would have been the same as the last one, and the one before.

  12. We had rain the other day - woo hoo! Better than snow...

    P.S. I opened this at work & read it yesterday & then left it open all night after I left the office - just noticed that it was still open this morning! I imagine that might skew your stats a bit :)


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