Friday, November 22, 2013

work and the city house

We're back home, got home late last night after a long day yesterday. Tuesday we picked up the glass, got the copies of the design, cleaned and covered the glass for stencil cutting, and I started the stencil. It took all day Wednesday just to cut out the peacock part of the design. Thursday I had two appointments in the afternoon plus I had to get some signs ordered for the open house in December and finish the stencil. We didn't leave Houston til 7:30.

The meetings yesterday were consultations for two of the proposals I wrote last week. They have both OKed the money and so now we are working on the designs. One of the things prospective clients always want to know is 'how long?'. With the rest of this year being all about the holidays, not much else gets done. I've promised both to have drawings and samples by the end of the year.

When asked about a time frame, I told the architect at my first meeting that I was meeting with another job right after that was certain to come in and the one who sends their deposit first gets priority. 'How do you want that', she asked, 'check or charge?'. So I expect I'll be getting a deposit from her client soon.

While I was in town I thought I would check and see if the hackberry tree that had volunteered on the far side of the house and been cut down during the summer had put up any new growth. I had to push my way through hummingbird bush and heritage rose gone wild and dense to get between the house and the fence but I never got as far as where the hackberry tree had been because...

Because the yellow angel trumpet that a friend in North Carolina had sent me in the form of a small cutting was grown large and in full bloom. I have never seen it like this, ever. It must have 100 blooms on it.

Well maybe not 100 but 60 or 70 at least. And I was amazed at how tall the banana trees had gotten over the summer.

The totally neglected small back yard in the city is now totally overgrown with three blooming invasive plants...bridal veil wandering jew (white), mistflower (blue), and wedelia (yellow).

It was so warm while we were in town that we drove home last night with the air conditioner on. Woke up this morning to cold wind and rain that has the temperatures dropping enough that tonight, 24 hours later, we may be having the heater on.


  1. wow! that trumpet vine is gorgeous! i've had such a time keeping mine growing thru the summers (i have the orange kind) and yours just took over with no one to baby it! :)

    that peacock is beautiful and very detailed!

  2. Comeon; there are at least a hundred trumpets there. How beautiful!
    I am so pleased to find you busy, busy, busy. Makes the retreat seem far away, doesn't it.

  3. My datura won't bloom no matter what. I don't think it gets enough sun. It is a sorrow.

  4. See's that old adage, one persons weed is another persons flower. I had to fight tooth and nail to get my wandering jew to hold on and you call it invasive. All in our perspective huh?
    I think your peacock is gorgeous. Glad your busy with work $$$ is nice to have.

  5. LOVE the trumpet - wow! And your peacock is going to be fabulous...

  6. Love that design. I want to lay under that trumpet vine and sing.

  7. The datura is amazing. I love the overgrown look of the yard. If I had a yard I'd let it run wild, I think.

  8. All that rain you had this year really had impact. Wow!

    Of course it took all day to cut out the peacock! It's intricate.


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