Sunday, November 3, 2013

confederate rose, sunsets, rain

I have a bunch of pictures that I've been taking but haven't been posting so...

My confederate rose that volunteered last year mid-spring from the two weirdly diseased older specimens has been blooming beautifully. I have kept the two older ones cut to the ground since no one can tell me what the problem is, hopefully to prevent them from infecting the new one. Actually three volunteered but I gave two of them away.

This one has the flowers opening white and turning pink before they close at the end of the day (or the next day if the weather is cold) and although I have seen other shrubs that did that, my others never did.

Confederate roses aren't really roses. They are in the mallow family along with hibiscus, cotton, and okra.


We have been getting some unbelievably gorgeous sunsets. The view, standing at the back of the property looking south and west over the 13 Acre Field, is one of the big reasons we bought this place.

And another.


One of the reason for the sunsets is we are getting our fall rains. We are in a continuing drought with this year being worse than last but not as bad as the one previous to that. Even so, we have not had a hard continuous rain for a very long time. Until last Thursday. Heavy rain for half a day and if Frank's rain gauge is accurate, we got 3 1/8”.

Water in the ditch, something not seen for several years.

Water standing in the yard!


  1. hooray for rain!!! we only got about 1/2 of that, but still grateful...

    your sunset - WOW!!!!!

    and your 'roses' are awesome, too!

  2. As beautiful as the flowers and the sunset are (and they are spectacular!) the prettiest picture if the one of water in the yard.
    Heart's ease, that.

  3. The rain pictures are as lovely as the confederate rose.

  4. Your flowers bloom at the weirdest times.

    Doesn’t anything ever die a seasonal death in Texas?

  5. It is wonderful to read that you have had rain. Blessings from the sky for sure.
    I love your Confederate roses. I can grow okra but I don't know if Confederate roses would grow here. I'm gonna have to check that out. I love the way they look.
    And wowee wow wow, beautiful sky shots.....happy autumn rains.
    Oma Linda

  6. Yay for rain! Beautiful photos!

  7. Amazing plants and sunsets. I can see why you love your home.

  8. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for taking the time to post.

    Love the sunset collages.

  9. Lovely lovely! Love the Confederate Rose (and now I'm craving some Marshmallow Fluff - ha!).

  10. This post makes me feel lucky and thank Nature for the gift of eyesight... wow!


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