Sunday, November 24, 2013

some winter images

I still find it incomprehensible that we had the air conditioner on in the truck driving home last Thursday night from the city and the very next morning cold wind and rain from the north and dropping temperatures had us turning on the heat by the end of the day. It has remained cold and windy and humid, though the wind seems to have died down mostly today. Enough so that I actually got outside a bit.

Temperature range has been mostly in the 40˚s inching up, maybe, to the very low 50˚s for a short while which made Saturday at the antique store very slow. Still I had a few people come in, more than I expected. I spent the time shelling pecans, playing solitaire, and photographing some of the stuff in the store listening to NPR.

So our initial plan for next week was to head into the city tomorrow and try and get as much done Monday and Tuesday and then come home Tuesday to get ready for the family to come here on Thanksgiving but with this cold weather, colder than had initially been predicted, has caused us to reconsider.

The work that has to be done now is the sandblasting and that is not a heated or air conditioned space. It's a walk-in closet type of affair with air piped in and air blown into Marc's helmet type of affair and it will be just too damn cold for him to work out there.

It was going to be a short work week anyway and the grandkids will be staying for the rest of the long weekend. The grandboy called tonight, he's ready to come after school on Tuesday.

In anticipation of being gone and before we reconsidered our plans for next week, I brought the plumerias and bromeliads and desert rose and nun's orchid and staghorn fern in as it will be dipping down into the 30˚s Tuesday and Wednesday nights. They would still have had to come in but not until tomorrow or so.

The cat is not happy with the cold weather. She wants in or out every time the door opens until this last time when she looked out and then changed her mind. So she is charging around the house meowing instead.

Did I say something about winter images?

I've been seeing large groups of geese flying south though this bunch was headed NE.

The buddha does not feel the cold.

The small forest of plumerias (three more are in the garage) and other tropicals.


  1. Glad for the plumarias, I am sure they appreciate NOT being out in the chilly air. I do...took Dexter out tonight and only made it as far as the end of the block, SOOO cold ! Get used to it...DANG!

  2. I brought my babies in, too. We got snow a few days ago--the day before was almost 70 degrees. Crazy, I know. My pepper plant is losing its leaves (but the peppers are holding on). The rest of the plants are looking a bit sad... I hope they get used to the change soon... maybe they should speak to your Buddha ;-)

  3. Nice that you have a large enough kitchen for both plants and family at Thanksgiving. My citrus came in two weeks ago even though we did not have very cold weather. Our first freeze was last week for two nights, but not much happening here except cold and windy these days.

  4. I need to bring my plants in too! And same here- Thanksgiving and grandchildren and children and oh, it never ends, does it?
    How do we do it all?
    Somehow, we plug on.
    Those birds against the sky- breathtaking.

  5. yeah, this week is not typical texas weather. we don't freeze for 4 nights in a row, usually. :) last night i was expecting freeze as they predicted 29. 34 this morning and just rain. but that's our high.

  6. I saw on the news how the temps just fell in your area.
    I always bring my plants in on Oct. 15 and take them back out on May 15. The house seems crowded with them but I am always glad I did so in the spring when my front patio looks alive and green. Button up and Happy Thanksgiving my dear to you and yours.

  7. LOVE those winter images. Gorgeous. I'm envious of all those beautiful plants, and at the same time, my nose starts twitching. Allergies are awesome, right?

  8. I'm with the cat - although I don't charge around the house meowing about it :)


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