Thursday, October 31, 2013

of pecans

The pecans have been falling in ernest the last several days.

I read somewhere, somewhen that walking in the dew covered grass barefoot was good for your circulation so I try and get out there between coffee and breakfast.

When we get dew on the ground and even when we don't and sometimes even before coffee.

Some of the leaves on the pecan trees are starting to yellow and fall.

I have finally, over a period of the past several weeks, picked up more pecans than I had left over from last year, ones that didn't get sold or shelled.

Three previous forays today filling up my shirt bottom held up like a basket and this last time I filled up a one gallon bucket and went out again a little later and filled up another one gallon bucket.

It's like the pecans all had this day earmarked on their calendar to fall.

I have totally abandoned my orderly criss-crossing of the yard while picking up pecans in favor of wandering aimlessly.

My neighbor Frank Of The Bountiful Garden is so frail these days, I wonder who is going to pick up his pecans.

A two foot long coral snake crossed my barefoot path while I was searching under my absentee neighbor's tree.

I think our tree that lost three big branches this summer is producing most of this year's crop.

Shelling pecans will be part of my evening activity for an unknown number weeks to come.

I wonder if my son will make me that terribly rich brandied fig and pecan pie again this year.


  1. We don't get one whole pecan, despite a yard full of the trees.
    Damn squirrels.

  2. oh, the coral snake - not so good.

    wandering aimlessly - absolutely sounds wonderful. :)

  3. Ooh pecan pie... We're not going to NC for Thanksgiving this year so no pie for me. Unless I can talk Mike into making one...

  4. I remember my south of the Red River correcting me once; pecans go in pies, pee-cans go under the bed. It's awful, being a Yankee.

  5. I picked walnuts one year..never to do that again! OOOh a coral snake...poisonous??? I think they are..eeewwww....

  6. Bare feet when there are coral snakes around? Egads!

    I am so jealous of your fresh pecans. When we lived in Alabama there were abandoned pecan trees & we would just go and get what we wanted. Brandied fig and pecan pie sounds divine.

  7. We are trying to beat the squirrels, crows, and ground squirrels to ours. We have a fair crop.

  8. You are a great guardian of the pecans.

    Watch out for snakes, please.

  9. Mmmmm, I love pecans. And yeah, where are your squirrels? Seems like they'd be all over them.

    Coral snake -- yikes! They are pretty, though.


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