Saturday, August 31, 2013

6. Letchworth Park

Wednesday, and I'm already loosing track of the days by now, was our final field trip and so after our morning session we climbed aboard the bus and headed out.

Letchworth Park, 13,000+ acres on the Genesee River, is the area that the Seneca Nation called the Vale of Three Falls. It was eventually swallowed by the American frontier and logged and slowly bought up into a large parcel and reforested and given to the state as a gift by William Prior Letchworth in 1907.

It is a beautiful forest with a river and falls and this is where we had lunch and spent the afternoon. After lunch, some of us took off down to the Lower falls and the river while others took short strolls or lounged in the Pavilion. There a foot bridge over the river which we went down to and then we walked/strolled upstream on the high bank taking pictures until a few of us were above the falls and waded in the water.

I had brought colored pencils and sketchbook with me but I didn't get them out once. Instead, I took pictures, still getting familiar with my new camera. And once we were above the falls, Amanda and I went wading. It was hot and I scooped up handfuls of water and doused my head. By the time I even thought about finding a comfortable place to sit and maybe sketch, we got the heads up to start back.

It was time to board the bus and we headed to the home of Carol (one of the kitchen volunteers) and Mark for dinner and a pleasant evening. They have a beautiful 30 acre property with a large pond and a beautiful creative home and their own studios for the art work they do.

Carol does these amazing light fixtures out of primarily metal and

Mark plays with dollhouses and miniatures to make political and life statements.

I think that at the end of this day, the group had become.

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  1. that outing to that beautiful natural area would have lifted my mood considerably. and nice that you got to have dinner at a couple's home, too. :)

  2. Letchworth never changes. Frozen in time. Beautiful place.

  3. I am loving this series of reports about your retreat.

    Beautiful pictures.

    It is still the vale of the three falls.

    Day after tomorrow, I'll be in Seneca territory. Maybe that's the past life when we knew each other.


  4. That was a FULL day. YOu should have lots of creative energy now.

  5. I’ve caught up on your posts now. What a wonderful place you found for your retreat.

    Such natural beauty, good people to be with and space to meditate, it sounds perfect to recharge and rejuvenate not only the creative juices but the whole person.

  6. What a beautiful place. I love how everything is evolving.


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