Sunday, January 6, 2013

the mountain wall

The panels for the mountain wall were picked up last Friday and installed yesterday. It took us nearly three months to complete the second wall for Invesco, 3 weeks on the drawings and a little over 8 weeks on the fabrication, a total of 4 ½ months for both walls.

All my misgivings and anxiety have vanished. We did a pretty damn good job of getting all the tones to match up panel to panel except for one small area which, of course, just jumped out at me but I don't think anyone else will notice it.

It looks pretty amazing even if I do say so myself though I wish I had gotten better pictures. Better lighting would help and I will suggest that to them but I don't know if, at this point, it's possible to add some spots.

The design firm first contacted us last January so almost one whole year later, after 7 months of proposals, samples, and meetings and 5 months of preparation and fabrication, the projects are complete.

Fortunately, I didn't have to drive in to the city Saturday for the installation like I did for the map wall because we had come in on Friday to get a couple of business related errands done. Still, by the time I got there about 9 AM, they already had panel 1 in place.

Same team as before and this time it went much faster and they were done shortly after 11 AM.

The first panel in place.

Setting panel 2 in place.

They were very conscientious about making sure the glass was clean.

Setting panel 3 in place.

Removing the protective film on panel 4.

Checking over panel 4 before setting it in place.

The mountain wall, 16' x 9'.

This wall was installed in a wide hallway instead of the open floor lobby of the map wall. Still a bit of reflection from the window of the small lobby. I wish now I had gotten a close up shot of the carving because there is a lot of detail that doesn't seem to show up in these pictures. 


  1. such a massive undertaking - both in bids, waiting, proposals, approvals, etc. and the actual work involved! you should be immensely proud!

  2. This is stunning. I hope it stops people in their tracks to say "this is a work of art!"

  3. Breathtaking beauty!!! You are an artist...but I knew that already. Every new piece just adds to that.

  4. This gives me a new appreciation for all that goes into loveliness that os shared.

  5. A huge project, and it looks fantastic. Whewie. Time to take a break.

  6. Such an amazing, beautiful piece of art! Wow. Just incredible!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Stunning...such presence!!
    Congrats..well done!

  8. Wow.. that's just amazing. You do such beautiful, outstanding work.

  9. The Mountain Wall looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing the information about the process and photos of the completed project.


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