Thursday, January 3, 2013

off to a running...meander

It seems the rest of the business world is not in as big a hurry to get on with the business of 2013 as I am. Or at least the people I need to be dealing with. So my grand plan of jumping right in sort of fizzled. Can't get any of the things accomplished on my list until Friday and Saturday.

I guess I'm not really too upset at getting another couple of days to poot around. I do have a lot of computer stuff to take care of like finishing the update to my website and sending all the pics I took of the mountain wall in progress to the commercial art guy at Invesco who is going to make a video of the piece.

We did go to the next big town over yesterday and got a marker board and a new desk chair since mine has been in the process of discentegrating over the last two years and the back fell off of it over Thanksgiving. So I did get some stuff marked off my list!

new marker board to keep track of all our work

new chair/old chair


  1. the desk chair made me laugh. :) congrats to you for something having your back again!

  2. The year may start with a bang; good job you have the marker board at the ready. A happy and prosperous new year to you.

  3. It must be something in the air. Things are pretty slow around here, too. Our trash (and the rest of the town's) has been sitting outside--where is the sanitation department? And I'm ready to send out some edited work, but the client seems to be on vacation still *weird*

    I love that you got a new chair. Jacob just finished restoring a bar stool to please my wobbly hip, and in a few days it will have a foot rest ;-)

  4. New chair definately better

  5. Yup! You definitely needed a chair. And enjoy this little break...might be awhile when things fire up, before you will be able to do so.

  6. That looks like a sword next to the white board :)

    The last time I got a "new" chair I filched one of the old ones from the office (it was going to get tossed), but I only needed the mechanism. I liked the seat better in my original chair, so Mike made a frankenchair for me :)

  7. When I lived in Morocco I learned a great Berber expression: "Imiks imik ekshim aram tagdoult," which means, "little by little the camel goes into the pot." You'll get those tasks completed, step by step!

  8. But, the seat is still good on the old chair ...... don't lean back, it will be good for your posture!

    Congrats on rthe new chair, I always try to make broken things last too long!

  9. Good thing you did not break your neck on that old chair when you sat down.


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