Sunday, January 27, 2013

spring a ding ding

Yesterday was my 4th blog birthday. I've been writing about stuff for four years now and although I manage about 26 less posts every year I plan to continue on. Still, 692 posts seems pretty impressive to me.

It's been very spring-like here for the past week and a half. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that spring is here. The weather prognosticators are telling us that we've already had our coldest weather. I'm enjoying the beautiful days and don't want to complain but it's still freaking January!

February is notorious for a late season freeze though. Not that I want any more freezes but if it is spring in January, what does that portend for our summer.

I don't even want to think about that.

Anyway, it's spring-like weather and I haven't even seen the pear trees blooming yet and they always bloom when it's still cold. I think the tulip trees (japanese magnolia) are blooming though I haven't seen any of those either but Marc says he thinks the one behind the Houston house is blooming which they also do in January.

I went and looked at the red bud next door. Nope. Nada. Nothing.

A little tour of the yard this morning showed that the ground orchids (bletilla) are just sure that this time it's for real. 

 You can see that they've already been fooled once by a warm spell followed by a dip into the low 30˚s.

The little orchid-like flowers open close to the ground.

The seed pods from last year float above the emerging flowers on long thin stalks, ready to burst open.

The warm weather is also making everything in the winter garden want to bolt.

The bees seem to be glad about it though.

The maple tree is always the first of the trees to welcome spring,

with the ginkho a close second.

The other trees are still not convinced.

The althea is pretty sure though.

The wildflowers are getting ready even though they are probably wondering why it's so warm already.

poppies and rocket larkspur


So what the hell am I doing inside?


  1. What an adorable little bee- that photo is so endearing! And the pods of course are stunning! Everything is so lively down yonder! What a great yard. We are tucked in, getting fatter, lacking light- like hairless pink moles weaving our way from room to room. Dexter usually saves the day but for the past couple of days has been content to NOT go out on adventures. This feels like the droll drums of February/march. Scoot over, I am coming to your yard!

  2. first, happy 4th blogiversary!!! :)

    we had bluebonnets growing in along the driveway since late december. they've frozen since, but are trying to revive. no blooming trees yet here. i did see someone post a japanese magnolia bloom this morning!

  3. Oh, I am so jealous. Who knows how much longer it will be cold up this way. and then... let the storms begin and then... the 110 degree days. ah what fun this weather is.

    Congrats on all the great posts over the years Ellen!

  4. You're killing us northerners. Freezing rain overnight. I do hope you have a lovely spring and a good summer, too. Seriously.

  5. Happy Anniversary! I love the pictures, they give me hope on this dreary day. The skies are wet and gray and I am adding wood to my fire trying to warm my toes!

  6. It is the same here! It's beautiful and too weird.

  7. Happy anniversary! You've been prolific - also interesting and entertaining.

    I've not seen a single blooming tree yet. My Cape Honeysuckle's putting on new growth, though. I went out and pruned it this afternoon. That alone may guarantee a freeze - but with it pruned down I can throw freeze cloth over it. A few Maximillian sunflowers are blooming in the vacant lots, but I'm not convinced. I think there's more winter to come. I certainly hope so - especially if it comes with rain.

  8. Spring? My goodness, it was in the teens here this morning, with snow on the ground.

    I love the sweet little honey bee visiting the flower.

  9. You always take the best pictures. I especially like your nature pics because the detail is phenomenal. So pretty. And this post gives us a bit further north that maybe the warm weather is thinking of showing up sometime in March. :) It might hit 40 degrees tomorrow and sweetie I am breaking out the shorts. [I kid, I kid] but a nice heavy sweater, boots and blue jeans will be a nice change from the 5 [yes FIVE] layers I have been wearing, plus coat, hat and gloves. It's time especially since we really didn't get the snow I had hoped for, just a dusting with ice.

    When does Big Mama make her appearance? I was hoping to see her in this post, but I guess she is still sleeping off the winter?

    Thanks for the lovely post. I am sure I will be back to visit it many times before our warm weather arrives. Hugs to you my friend. xo

  10. OH - and HAPPY BLOGABIRTHDAY. That is so exciting. But why do I feel like I have known you so much longer than that? :)

    Nicely done Ellen and 692 is impressive. Don't you dare dwindle down to -26 posts, tho' okay? We like you too much.

  11. I was just thinking about the same thing, Pagan Culture will be 4 in April and I'm still talking.

    Congrats on four years of wonderful Stuff from Ellen's Head.

    And stop bragging about your spring-like weather. It's freezing here, so I don't even want to go outside. I guess I can stare at your blog pictures for long periods of time...

  12. Happy blog birthday! I hope a late-season freeze doesn't nip all that growth back, but generally speaking plants know what they're doing. Maybe they get something out of leafing out and lapping up just a couple weeks of sunshine before the next frost -- know what I mean?

  13. A little late - but happy blog birthday. I'm really glad I found you!

  14. Happy 4th!!!
    And I loved seeing all the new blooms.


  15. Happy blogoversary! I'm glad you're still around showing us pictures of new life in your yard scant days after we took a picture of a fat cardinal in the snow in OUR yard :)

  16. Happy 4th! Loved these pictures and am jealous of your mild climate-just over snow and into gales here in the UK.

  17. Happy 4 year anniversary, Ellen! I always look forward to reading your entertaining and informative posts and I look forward to reading your blog in the future.


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