Thursday, May 10, 2012

what I've been doing with myself

no, not that!

So, I've mentioned that I've submitted proposals for two 20' walls that will just be fabrication on our part, no design work. Mid-April, I attended a second meeting and met more of the people involved in the process. The company that proposed the walls and is doing the design work had a full size mock-up made and they taped it up in place where the actual glass will go. This wall is a map done in diagonal lines. There will be blue glass installed against the wall and the etched glass map will be installed in front of the blue glass.

the mock-up

The etched glass part of the panels will only be 16' wide and flanked with clear glass because of the proportions of the map. So far I've done three samples for this wall. Three samples and three proposals. The man in charge of the budget has assured me that they are committed to the project and are waiting for some final specs to issue the purchase order.

The second wall has a mountain motif which I gather is their company logo. It will be a more interesting piece to work on as it will be done in carving and shading. They decided to shorten it to the same 16' for consistency except that they aren't even on the same floor. I've also done three proposals for this wall.

the mountain

I've also been doing sketches for a residence, the front entrance sidelites and two side doors.

one of the six bird panels, 12” x 17”, for the sidelites

And then last month I did designs for a powder room mirror and spent about a week consulting with people and getting a proposal ready for that for the designer but no word yet on if the client will go with it.

mirror design with silvered bevels and stuff

And we did a little door with a grape cluster design which they still haven't picked up yet.

And I put together a submission for a general call to artists for an art consultant.

And put together a CD for a gallery submission and sent that off.

Not to mention my garden duties, like conducting surgery on my squash plants yesterday to get rid of the vine borer worms to hopefully save my zucchini and weeding and watering and, the best part, plucking and eating.

So I've been very busy, trying like hell to get some work. It's why I haven't been around as much. It's all very time consuming, for example doing the sketches and proposal for the residence took me the better part of 5 days and I've been consulting with the people for the two walls since January when they were first proposing the concept.

The cast glass work, though, is sort of off the table right now as I focus on getting some income now that there are at least possibilities out there, an improvement all on its own.


  1. You don't really spend much time sitting around, do you, even while still recovering from the snake bite. Wow. I'm impressed.

    Is the mountain Annapurna? I did a series of paintings based on that mountain a few years ago. What a mountain!

  2. i've wondered about that big job and how that proposal was going. i know you must be getting tired of resubmitting proposals/budgets over and over again. i sure hope they make up their minds and GIVE IT TO YOU soon! :)

  3. Cheeze, this stuff inches forward a centimeter at a time, doesn't it. I, too, hope it finalizes soon.

  4. These pictures all show what great beautiful work you do Ellen!
    I hope the project comes through soon. That mountain looks like it would be fun to create. Good to be busy?

  5. Great that at last there is something going on over there! We've all been sitting in the doldrums far too long. Good Luck

  6. goodness,, that is a big project

  7. It all looks pretty interesting - I hope you get to do everything! All the things!

    And I love the mirror - very nice.

  8. That is wonderful that you have several prospects. Hope they come to fruition.
    Me...well no prospects as of yet and it is almost June.

  9. What a fabulous opportunity for you! I love it.


    p.s. Thanks so much for your kind words the other day. I am so grateful.

  10. Why not that?

    Cool to see you with the hard hats in the picture. Whenever I get a hard hat on (not very often), it make me feel like I'm involved in real work >:)

    Cold As Heaven


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