Sunday, May 6, 2012

new pond

Did I say I was working on my 'W' post? Hahahahahahahaha.

I'm such a kidder.

Actually, I'm thinking about working on my 'W' post. I should be working on my 'W' post.

Today, I think I'll sink the small pond, Big Mama's previous pond. I've finally picked a spot on the other side of the fence from the big pond which is not sunk. I couldn't sink it because it is snugged up against the ginkgo tree and I didn't want to cut out a big slice of its roots.

I also have four azaleas that need to be planted plus all that stuff I got at the plant swap weeks ago. It's overcast and cool this morning, probably the very last one so I want to take advantage of it. The weather guessers are predicting a high of 90˚ today and the humidity has been upwards of 70% this week.

So out I went. After a short break for a late breakfast, I finished up about 1 PM.

getting started

hole dug

leveling the pond

see, it's level!

the sun came out so I had to go get my hat

fill 'er up!

all done

The water plants have been in a galvanized tub. There's a papyrus, an arrowhead, and a bedraggled water lily that has never bloomed. I've got some others that are still in the tub but my back was saying 'enough already' and they need to be repotted.

I've already had a visitor. This red dragonfly was checking out the new digs. It's perched on the dry seed pod of a larkspur that is beside the pond. That's my rosemary behind it. Poor picture but the darn thing wouldn't let me get close enough to not have to use the zoom.


  1. yay for yardwork while the sun is not burning down! :) the humidity has been tough lately and will only get worse. we're in summer now. :)

    waving to you in your selfie! :)

  2. May the pond bring visitors and peace of spirit.

  3. How beautiful. I've never seen a red dragon fly.

  4. My hat is off to you sweetie!
    At least you have a hat on, but I can't handle this humidity and have to stay inside my little house using power in what might very well be described as a waste.
    I don't know how you do it!!!

  5. We have blue/green and green/blue dragon flies come through in the fall, but I've never seen a red one. Beautiful spot.

  6. Pretty good work! Is this all for your turtle? I do hope she hangs around.

  7. Hard working - but it will all look so nice once it's established.

  8. a fun addition to the yard, I have never had one myself but have helped put a few in

  9. I love it - so nice & peaceful. And you did a pretty darn good job of taking a picture of yourself :)

  10. Loving the hat and the pond - loving the pic' of you even more. That is a great pic' with a wonderful smile. You look like you are in your element and enjoying it.

    I love hats and will wear them given any reason. I saw some straw ones with floppy brims that I am dying to get my mitts on [just one really] for walking around this summer. But the smaller brims like yours are actually my favorite.

    The pond looks great. Our neighbors have one [in their little townhome backyard] and it is so relaxing to lean over the rail on our deck and watch the fish and listen to the "waterfall". Hope Mama likes it too.

  11. First of all, I LOVE this picture of you. It looks like your skin and your eyes are absorbing the warmth and shine of the sun--absolutely radiant.

    Then I must say that I'm sooo jealous! How wonderful it would be to have a pond. To see fill with wee things and watch it maintain a small world *sigh* One day, right?

  12. Very nice! Now if the sun would ever show in Minnesota...


  13. first of all, you look fabulous in your hat!

    I love the pond and I hope you get lots of lovely visitors who let you take their photo


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