Sunday, May 27, 2012

life stuff

I almost have my 'W' post ready. It's all written up and the images are ready but it involves a little technology learning curve. I'm doing some audio recordings and I had to figure that out and then had to download a converter program to get the right file type. Now I have to upload them to a site that creates embed codes and then hopefully, it will all work when I finally publish the post.

I'd do that today except that my daughter, SIL, and grandkids are coming out so that the kids can hang with their second cousins, my sister's grandkids, who live in Albuquerque. They are visiting this week and it's been a couple of years since they were here. It's hard to keep a family together when the members are scattered around the country.

We had a slew of birthdays this past month starting with mine on April 30 followed by my DIL, my daughter, and then my son. I bought me a birthday present. I haven't hung it yet as it involves having to rearrange something else.

Rabbit Ears by Kelly Vivanco

And I made little tea cup and mug planters with cactus for DIL and Son. The teacups are from my china, my grandmother's china, and my aunt's china. The mugs are one's we acquired through various of our son's activities. I used the drill press to put holes in the bottoms.

My daughter, who has a husband, four kids, two dogs, and two cats, does not need anything else to take care of so for her I made a peach pie from Texas peaches.

Tomorrow, I start two full weeks at the antique store so my sister can have the time with her grandkids and the other employee is also on vacation. Although the economy seems to be showing signs of improvement, it hasn't really made it to this small town in an agricultural county in Texas. I'll probably use the time as storekeeper to work on more wax models.

I've got the next three botanica erotica waxes done though I haven't polished them yet.

Still waiting on the two big walls to be funded. Apparently the structural engineers are struggling with the metal base that the large glass panels will rest on. In the meantime, we did two more samples for the mountain wall. After looking at some of our work they decided they wanted to do a more sculptural rendering instead of the silhouette they had at first proposed.

This is the drawing for one of them, 18” x 30”. I haven't photographed the finished samples yet.

Well, as my friend Jody says...TTFN.

(ta ta for now)


  1. i love the cactus plantings! so cute! and that pie!!! i'll bring the ice cream! :)

    glad you're giving your sis time w/ her family that's awesome.

  2. What thoughtful gifts all around. As if you too inspiration from the lovely print. Have a great weekend.

  3. Wow. Even your pies are works of art!

  4. Now I want a drill, so I can plant little cactus plants. I want peach pie, too. And because I'm in an me, me, me mood, I want rabbit ears, too. Hope you have a blast with the family!

  5. What a clever idea! (the teacup plants and the peach pie!)
    You are a very nice sister, indeed!

  6. The Rabbit Ears picture is great, beautiful actually. You are so awesomeely creative Ellen. All of this is so cool, and the hospital looks like it is coming through. That's wonderful! And that peach pie. My goodness is all I can say.

  7. Good when kids can get to know each other even when family bonds are diluted. My son is buddy with his 4th cousin. The got to know each other when they happened to come in same class in jr high school >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  8. Great gifts...with history.

    Love your gift to yourself.

    Enjoy all the family and laugh a lot.

  9. If you put your hands on anything, somethiing beautiful will come of it.

    I love the teacup gardens and that pie! Wow.

  10. Love your birthday gift to yourself!

    Looking forward to seeing all the waxes finished.

  11. Everything is excellent - the wax molds, the pie (yum!), the cups & the print. I like this kind of rambly post :)

  12. A life of endless creativity. How lucky you are to have this creative talent and the energy to go with it. My fancy cups and mugs would stay in their dusty cupboard and give nobody any pleasure.

    Enjoy the family and the shopwork too.

  13. Where to begin? Love the present you bought yourself! Very whimsical. Though my blog fiction can be dark, I love whimsey in the real world :).

    The plants in the teacup, great idea. I liked the plant in the far right of the photo. Wonder what it is.

    The pie--I never thought to add a name to a pie. GREAT IDEA.

    The drawing and your work, beautiful!

  14. I think I'd take the pie if I had a choice. It looks scrumptious.


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