Friday, May 4, 2012

random photos from the last few days

A toad was snugged down in one of the bromeliads.

Emma, the cat, helping me with my drawings.

The yellow 13 Acre Field was mowed.

The magnolia tree is blooming.

The dewberries have been providing me with fruit to go with my breakfast.

It was a spider kind of day.

I know you can't tell from this picture but this zucchini blossom was enormous, maybe 8” across.

Either Big Mama finally laid her eggs or the fugue state that possesses her finally passed, but she hasn't ventured out of her pond for a week and a half. That I forgot to remove the bridge the last time we went to the city and spent the night and she probably spent more than 24 hours in the yard, might have something to do with it. She does seem to enjoy hanging out on the bridge though.


  1. I'm in love with your turtle.

    I've had little frogs be in my hose area. So small they can be.

  2. The toad is a treat. Can't believe you found him.

  3. What a great picture of the toad! And the flower & spiderweb pictures are fabulous. Makes me excited to go visit my dad at the end of the month (the flowers - not the spiders). His yard will probably be out of control.

  4. loved this. all of it. but that toad snuggled down into that plant is too darn cute!

  5. That frog pic' is so cool. And I always like when you post pics and stories of Big Mama's adventures.

    I told you we planted a small container garden, right? Well, we saw our first two blossoms on our tomato plants yesterday and you would've thought the dog had puppies we were so excited. I think the fact that we didn't kill them when we planted them was the most thrilling part. They aren't as impressive as an 8" bloom but we'll take it. :)

    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. All of these pictures are beautiful Ellen! The more I look at all the "things" outside, the more I come to realize I am hopelessly a city girl. It's been so humid here the last couple of days that all I do is stay inside with the AC. Hopeless.

  7. Fab photos Ellen. I love the toad!

  8. the toad is adorable
    what a face!

    Emma is lovely
    does she use her tail as a brush ;)

    great series of photo

  9. Fantastic photos...just my kind of day, too.

  10. Amazing images - what a nature table!

  11. Awww, big mama. Love that turtle.

    And the toad looks so snug and happy!

  12. i'm loving the great wide frog mouth!~!! steven

  13. What an eye you have! Beautiful.

  14. Brilliantly captured! Loved the toad and the spider webs. Fantastic.


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