Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Wednesday (today) about mid-day.

On the ninth day (Wednesday) after the bite, this morning I was able to start hobbling around unaided by bearing my weight on my heel. I've been mobile more or less since last Saturday when Marc ran down some crutches for me, but my leg and foot was still pretty swollen. Today, my leg from the knee up is feeling good, swelling down and skin no longer sensitive to the touch. From the knee down, the swelling is mostly gone and the skin sensitivity is mostly from mid-calf down. Ankle and foot still swollen but not nearly as bad. But it's all discolored. My calf is a sick shade of yellow green while my foot is an unhealthy shade of reddish brown with some weird red splotches that showed up several days ago.

Tuesday evening.

Of course, the snake bite sort of put the monkey wrench into our plans for getting the city house ready for our son and DIL who are scheduled to arrive on Saturday, so nothing more has been repaired floor, no second toilet, no repaired plumbing under the bathtub, no unstopped kitchen sink, no furniture moved around or boxes and left over stuff figured out what to do with.

Next week is going to be pretty stressful while we try to organize the house, get them unloaded, figure out what to do with all the crap we still have there at the city house, and get ready for a meeting next Wednesday with the people we have been negotiating with for the two 20' x 9' walls.

This will be our first face to face, meeting with 2 representatives from the international company whose building these will go in, the project manager, the graphic artist, and the lady I have been dealing with re the proposals and samples. They want to meet us, see the shop where the work will be done, work out design details, and generally assure them that we are competent to do the work. I have no idea when they will fund the projects though but I hope it's before the weather gets too unbearably hot as the shop we will be working in will not be air conditioned.

We will have a lot of preparation to do also to get the warehouse ready for us to work in that I've made arrangements about with my installer, a large space and men available to help move the panels around. We are considering building a temporary blast booth there as well so we don't have to truck the stenciled panels over to our shop for blasting, which means moving our large heavy air compressor over there. But since it will be the first decent job we have had in the last couple of years, we're not complaining.


  1. Looking better, but I still want to pop by with soup or something...


  2. So pleased to hear the job is progressing. So, I've been thinking of foot jokes.

    Bigfoot stopped by and left me one of his.
    Some people get swelled heads, but I could only manage a foot.

    See, you're getting better if we can joke.

  3. Glad things are getting better, but it still looks bad.

  4. I'm glad your foot is getting better, but please don't rush it. One slow day at a time, and the others can do all the work until your health is restored. Rest and take care.

  5. Your poor foot! Makes me hurt to look at it. I think about you when I am out there weeding. I have been poking around tight spaces with the rake handle before reaching down. But I am wearing shoes. Well, flip flops, anyway.

    I hate it when an injury holds me back.

  6. oh, still so swollen! youch! i know you are stressed about your son and family coming back to an unready place. but concentrate as much as you can on your work stuff. family understands and can manage around inconvenience and mess. :)

  7. Hope this gets well soon. I've been following your progress and it's going to take some time. Take care of YOU. Orders from one who also does not take care of herself. We must start.
    Blessings, Barb

  8. Still looks really painful. Goodness the last thing you need to be concerned with is the getting ready for the son and DIL. They are grown ups.....everybody can do the work and you can supervise....I bet your good at that. And you have a very good reason to take care of you. So be good to yourself my dear. Linda

  9. Omg, Ellen, what a horrible thing to happen! So glad that you're on the mend, and hope you'll be totally well, soon.

    Those poppies on your previous post are gorgeous! Great photos!

  10. So glad to hear about the upcoming project. Your foot and leg will improve and everything will come together just the way you anticipate.

  11. Oh myyyyy. That hurts just to look at, Ellen. I wish you a speedy recovery!

  12. Fingers crossed for the new project.

    Your foot looks as bad as my face did the other week!

  13. Congrats on the job!! Sounds like a cool project.
    As for your foot...oh my!! Still looks painful!
    Take it easy

  14. My word, this is terrifying, I'm not really a real man when it comes to snakes (or spiders). Good to hear that your on the mend though.

  15. That is one uggggly foot girl. But I know you'll take it compared with last week. So happy you are feeling better.

    Thrilled about the new job, so happy for you. Good luck!

    And please try to stay off of the foot in the mean time. What do you say to me? "I know you feel better Skippy, but don't overdo it"? Heed ye' your own advice my friend.

    Big hugs [while trying to avoid bumping your foot. :)

  16. I am so sorry about your bite. Wear shoes !!!

    I've been busy and haven't checked in and totally didn't know that this happened to you.

    Can you get someone to check out your area and find it and get rid of it.

    Yikes ...

  17. I'm glad you're doing better. Good luck on the job - and all the moving stuff. I'm all stressed out on your behalf!

  18. The force will be with you as you now have snake powers. You will triumph.

    Hope you also make sure to get some rest. taking on snake powers is kind of exhausting!

  19. Yikes! I just read about your ordeal with the copperhead.
    That's the most common poisonous snake we have around here. I see them all the time.
    I see rat snakes all the time in the summer. A huge one used to live in my barn. He was fine.
    But copperheads die if they're in my yard and I see them before they see me.
    I'm glad you're finally feeling better.

  20. jeezusgawwwwd ellen . . . this is astonishing and colourful and so crazy life-changing familar. steven

  21. so there I was whining about my stuff and you didn't mention your own issues
    that Tuesday photo looks painful
    glad it's getting better


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