Tuesday, March 13, 2012

from the 'what will they think of next' dept...

Humans are entertained by the craziest things.

Last Saturday, Sam Houston Race Park featured camel and ostrich races...with jockeys.

Sorry for the ad at the beginning of this clip. Can't seem to avoid ads anywhere these days. Pretty soon, they'll have ads before you can use the bathroom.

I tried to embed this but blogger kept telling me the tag is broken so here's a link to the 29 second video:


  1. yeah, always wanting something new and exciting and different...

  2. Ostriches can run pretty fast!

  3. There's just something so. . .not right about that. Camels I get. Ostriches? Not so much.

  4. If someone can do it, they will. It's that simple...and others will pay to see them do it, sadly.

  5. Wow.

    I always think about rodeos that they must have started due to bored cowboys. But who would think to race ostriches?

  6. LOL - I love it! I totally would have wanted to race on an ostrich back in the day :)

  7. Well, Mr. Haney got monkeys to ride on pigs...


  8. people will never stop thinking of ways to use and abuse animals
    it's disgusting
    I'm rooting for the ostriches to turn on the jockeys and peck their peckers off

  9. Ha! Hysterical. What we do for fun... My sister friend got pretty badly hurt in a donkey basketball game. Vay.


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