Saturday, March 10, 2012

red bud blooming

Here where I sit at my computer...

and why do we still call them computers? I compute nothing on this device. I communicate with this device, I compute with my little hand held calculator.

...with my drawing table on my left and my work table on my right...

well, they would be drawing and work tables if we had any work, now they are just horizontal surfaces and we all know what happens to those.

...I am facing a bank of windows which basically take up all the wall except for where the door to the little back yard is on the right. When I look out I see the old tallow tree across the small yard on the fence line and under a large long limb of the tallow, I can see the beautiful red bud tree that is in full bloom on the far edge of my neighbor's property. It's on the edge of the road across which is the agricultural field.

This is my view, well, part of it anyway. This is actually what I see out of the right half of the right-most window pane. I took this picture through the dirty window and screen on a rainy kind of day.


  1. The red bud is Spring's sentinel. Beautiful.

  2. I love red buds. Great photo.
    We have lots of them where I grew up in WV.
    Here in the woods in Ohio as well.
    It's a bit early here. Or at least I have not seen one yet.
    Our weather has been so crazy our trees don't know if they should bloom or not. First cold weather, then really warm for this time of year. Back to cold today.
    Whew. I'm ready for spring/summer.
    Thanks for the photo.
    Barbara Whittington
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  3. our red bud is blooming, now, too! yay! and we're presently getting some good rainfall. fingers crossed it continues into the night...

    we still call computers, computers for the same reason we still call cell phone, phones - instead of texters. :)

  4. No redbuds yet, but it's supposed to be warm all week and we're supposed to turn the clock ahead tonight, so spring must be on the way.

  5. I am jealous. My Piano Man took a picture of a few buds he saw in the woods while running. I'm going to visit them tomorrow. But not blooming trees yet ;-)

  6. Beautiful tree...I love flowering trees!
    And I hear you about the horizontal work surfaces. Ha!!


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