Monday, April 2, 2012

boredom, Big Mama, and other misc. stuff

You may have noticed or not that I haven't been around blogland much the last several weeks and my own posting is down. Some of that was recuperating from the snake bite, some of it is boredom. Not you all who continue to write interesting posts but me. I guess I've ODed on all the political hating and attacks on the rights of women and the extreme right wearing their christianity on their sleeves all the while they are trampling on the lives of everyone who isn't lucky enough to be rich and certainly NOT acting the way their god wants them to act...well, I could go on, right? But I'm trying to rid myself of the anger along with the venom.

Big Mama started circling the edge of her pond several days ago looking for a way out so I put together a make-shift bridge and ramp to the yard yesterday. It didn't take her long to find her way into the yard, though I didn't actually see her get out until a little while ago. I happened to look up just in time to see her take a nose dive off the edge of the pond, the edge of her shell hit the edge of the bricks surrounding the pond and flipped her on her back. So apparently, she's not using the ramp at all. Going to have to re-think this. She had her head pulled in and the impact didn't seem to phase her at all but it sure freaked me out, running out there to make sure she was OK.

This fenced yard is easily 20 times bigger than the yard she had in the city to roam around in but she is still focused on the fence and the gate, probing to find a way out. She'll continue in this activity until she finally lays eggs. Once she does that, she'll be content to stay in her pond and I'll remove the bridge.

The pond itself is pretty icky and needs to be emptied out and scrubbed. The algae has exploded with the sun and the warm weather and I know eventually the filter will get it cleaned out but it will take some time. Right now it's very green and murky.

Well, what else? Our son and DIL arrived Saturday night and they have been cleaning the house and unloading all their stuff from the big truck. They're glad to be back. I had been trying to prepare them for the condition of the house but they were still a little surprised at how bad it actually is. Marc spent last Friday and Saturday there getting the rotten pipe under the house from the bathtub drain fixed, emptying the kitchen cabinets, and then moving the bit of furniture that we have there to our two small rooms and moving as much of the other crap out and into the shop as possible. There's a lot to be hauled to the dump or set out for heavy trash day when it comes around.

The other thing that's been capturing some of my attention is I'm working on models again, more of the small botanica erotica pieces, one finished and another getting there. I've wasted a lot of time since we got all the previous waxes cast but now I think I'm over that barrier, at least for now. If we get these two big walls, and I'm pretty certain at this point that we will, I doubt I will have much time to work on waxes. Day after tomorrow is the big meeting.

I guess the last thing is that today it is two weeks since the snake bite. I'm walking pretty well now, almost normally but my foot is still swollen. Especially right now since I've been on it most of the day, even taking a test drive to the grocery store and back. Now I'm ready to head to the library since I'm out of reading material having finished The Hunger Games trilogy last night.


  1. I love your turtle. Does she have a lover? If not, I suppose her eggs will not contain babies unless there is a Divine Miracle.
    I'm glad your foot is better.

  2. Fingers crossed and good thoughts for "the big meeting." I know nothing about turtles. I ran into your blog when you were worried about Big Mama last time. Looking forward to learning more.

  3. You sure are busy !!!

    Your turtle is adorable. That's one pet I did not have growing up.

  4. our turtles here always seem to head to the fencelines to lay their eggs - not only the dog pen cyclone fence, but also the rail fence for the pastures.

    glad your foot is doing better! and glad your son and dil are back and can help straighten up the house for themselves! :)

  5. I love your Big Mama updates, and wish you would post more about her :)

    Glad you're getting back on your feet again!

  6. Big Mama....yeah, I was wondering how she was doing. I'm sure you know this but a female turtle can store the males sperm for up to 5 those broads don't need a man every season to produce little shelled wonders. I have an Okie turtle who laid eggs every year for 7 years before we even got her a honey.
    See I think your snakes venom is so much worse than a rattler. I was only down for about 8 days with swelling. I could be a nag and say stay off of it but I am like you, I get bored and hell won't have it til I'm up doind something or another. Be well. Oma Linda

  7. Ouch on the snake bite! Good luck on the big job.

  8. Yes, you will get the job.

    Maybe the snake bite was intended to slow you down and allow to look at life from a dfferent view point.

    interesting pet, the turtle.

  9. Geesh that's a long time for that bite to heal. I'm glad you're able to get around and I hope that the swelling will ease soon. Thanks for the Big Mama update. She's so cool.

  10. Oh man, Big Mama's back-flips made me laugh. Maybe you should set up some diving boards?

  11. Had to laugh telling your snakebite story to a friend who was a bit wary of the critters we might encounter looking for mushrooms. She stepped even more careful after that.

  12. Glad you are doing better...but still try and take it easy. Hope you get the big job!!! Fingers crossed!!
    I just started reading The Hunger Games. Like it so far.
    Be well hun
    I finished up two large pieces now so I am moving right along.

  13. I have another Facebook friend who basically quit posting because she was trying to get some of the bitterness out of her system. Sadly, thinking only of myself, I asked her to jump back into the fray because I missed her keen insight (AND she's conservative, but fed up, so it's an interesting perspective for me).

    Love Big Mama - I watch her & know that I am JUST as driven by my nature as she is. Only no one has put a fence in my way. Scary!

    Glad you're doing better - and good luck at your big meeting!

  14. Big Mama - highly suspicious, I like that in a turtle!
    Glad your foot isn't the size of a tree trunk any longer- whew!
    Welcome back to the land of the walking!

  15. Take it easy on that foot, it's swollen still because it's screaming, "rest", okay?

    I had no idea you had a turtle, awww, I sure hope those eggs come soon, so she can finally settle in and relax. I totally understand where you are coming from on this political thing - I tend to avoid discussing politics on my blog, and am the first one to admit I know little of the American system. HOWEVER, a fellow blogger of mine, an amiable, middle-aged matron, not a frequent visitor to my site, obviously purposefully paid me a visit on my site, for me to return it. Turns out she is a proud, extreme right-winger, citing "Socialist Europe, and the broken UK" as her reasons for being so. Okay, I felt she was misguided and needed reason to put her straight. BIG MISTAKE. She had made sweeping statements she claimed as fact, and when challenged to produce any source or data to back them, dismissed the needs, citing, "Stats can be manipulated to fit whatever cause" (but obviously not hers). I have never felt so frustrated or shocked in years.

    We no longer visit (wink).


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