Tuesday, April 17, 2012

garden club wing-ding

Last week was the Wharton Garden Club Plant and Flower Show. This year it was held at the library in the program room instead of at the Museum. The new director at the museum was not as cooperative as the recently retired director had been. And the library does a plant swap every year so it seemed like a good match and they were very excited about having it there.

Last year we had a silent auction and a plant sale at the same time which was way more work. This year the club decided to do just the plant show with a speaker and partnered with the library's annual plant swap it was just right.

I was on the committee this year so I had to be there early and stay late to help set up on Thursday and take down on Friday. As usual, I just sort of picked the best looking thing I had at the last minute. I ended up taking three things though. I was just going to take the one but then I came home and took two others.

And I won two 3rd place ribbons! One for the maidenhair fern and one for the water plant lizardtail.

maidenhair fern

lizard tail

This was my third entry.

hens and chicks

Here's some of the other entries:

There was also a floral arrangement category and you could only use flowers you grew.

As usual, I came home from the plant swap with far too many little plants to find a place for.


  1. What a terrific wing-ding. Your entries were beautiful... the whole thing's great. I avoid such things just now, since I moved into an apartment. I have a patio to fill, but I think I must keep my eye on my painting and writing for now.

    But it's good to live vicariously!

  2. i LOVE that big ol' fern!!! but i am so surprised your hen and chicks didn't place! wow, that's beautiful!!!

  3. What fun!I'm impressed with the hen & chicks too - our neighbors' is much more modest.

  4. Me too on the hen and chicks.
    Congrats on the other two winning 3rd though!

  5. Congratulations! You have the touch.

  6. Lovely entries, that fern was real nice.The hen and chicks always catch my eye, a childhood favorite.

  7. Your maidenhair fern is amazing. As are your hen and chicks
    Congrats on your ribbons.

  8. You have a green thumb. Of course you won awards!

  9. Congratulations! That is fabulous. But how did you NOT win with the Hens & Chicks too? Those are three plants I have never seen or heard of, but the are so neat. And beautiful.

    Please realize I am lucky I can "grow" children, so to say the green thumb gene ran screaming from the room when it saw me would NOT be an exaggeration, but I have a question.

    I assume a "plant swap" is where you bring plants [or cuttings?] of plants you have grown and swap with other members to fill out your garden with things you don't have or what you would like more of? With no cost to either participant? Is it just decorative plants [non flowering] or what else do they include?

    Inquiring minds would love to know. It sounds like such fun. Congratulations again. :)

    Oh, one more question - are all the plants outdoor plants or do they do separate categories for house plants and outdoor plants?

  10. I don't have a very green thumb, so I am extremely impressed by your plants. And those flower arrangements...gosh we are so far behind you; here in Oregon the daffodils are still blooming.

  11. Oh nice.. good for you. :) I have never seen hens and chicks looking so beautiful before. I'm so impressed.

  12. That's the joy of plant sales - more plants!!

    Love the Hens and Chicks - I must make more effort to grow things that aren't just for eating.

  13. Cool. Congratulations as well. I don't think I'd ever enter a plant competition. My thumb is brown at best.


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