Monday, April 30, 2012

how does your garden grow...

While I'm working on my W post, I thought I would give you a glimpse of our garden this year.

the harvest this morning
The berries are from a wild dewberry that grows amongst some of my day lilies.


green beans

white squash


bell peppers


japanese eggplant




Checking on the green tomatoes, I spied this little beauty, just emerged and drying it's wings. I haven't identified it so if anyone can, I'd appreciate it.


  1. It's all lovely, but, Oh, the tomatoes...they are still a twinkle in the eye north of the Red River.

  2. Your morning harvest looks pretty darn good! The local produce stand opened this weekend and he has some nice vegetables, but must have brought them up from Texas.

  3. You know I looked at this and thought, how can she be harvesting so soon?!

    And then I remembered: Texas.

    You guys cheat. :-)


  4. My mouth is watering! Yum.

    You've got such a green thumb, Ellen! Holy cow.

    Love the green bean pic especially.

  5. Painted Lady Butterfly0..or close kin. (I don't know the Texas fauna.) What a beautiful butterfly!

  6. Your garden is beautiful. Just be sure to take a long stick & rattle around amongst the plants before sticking your hand in to retrieve the goodies. Your experience has made me more careful in the yard!

    The butterfly or moth, perhaps, is great.

  7. yes, i think the commenter above is right - looks like a painted lady. so pretty!

    and your garden looks GREAT! i hope our rains continue for just a bit longer!

  8. It's a pretty insect no matter what it is. I'm always amazed at how far ahead you Texans are harvest-wise. We don't even dare plant yet for fear that the frost is not fully done.

  9. Oooh, I don't know what that is. But how cool.

    You have a garden! We haven't planted anything yet. Two nights ago we had a fire in the fireplace! But I think we could do peas. maybe we're even late.

  10. You are so far ahead of us! How I envy you - seeing all of this has just convinced me that next year I will have to invest in a greenhouse!

  11. wow, yummy and then beautiful....yep I think you did good here.

  12. Your garden is so TIDY!!! I didn't see one weed at all. Every time I try to garden it's like jungle chaos. I must be doing it wrong.

    By the way, the best squash I've ever had was that flying saucer squash (I don't know its real name) sliced paper thin, battered in cornmeal and fried. Yum!

  13. Beautiful! Your garden puts mine to shame. I am about to go pick green beans, though.

  14. I'm with Pearl on this. heehee

    It all looks fabulous. Glad you got the rain this year, unlike last year and it keeps up.

    The tomato plants look especially great. WOW!


  15. Your garden looks marvelous!


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