Saturday, April 9, 2011

this and that

We spent a few days in the city last week. Heavy trash pick-up was Friday so we went in late Wednesday to wrestle the old cast iron bath tub that we had been using for our water plants to the street. It didn't last long though. Within 30 minutes a scavenger had it loaded up in his pick-up truck and took it away, which makes me much happier than having it end up in the land fill.

I spent the day at my friend's studio Thursday working on the flat lap. Got all but one piece finished, the top to the memory box. It will have to wait for the next time or maybe I'll try to finish it on my little lap.

Remember these waxes?

Here's one of the finished pieces for the show at the gallery.

On the way back to the house we swung by the recycling center and deposited four big bags of plastic and cans. No curbside pick up in Wharton. We also bring our garbage in to dispose of it. County services are $30 a month. Too much for the small plastic grocery bag size of trash we generate a week. Everything else either goes in the compost pile, gets recycled or burned.

Friday I dug up all the pecan, oak, camphor and hackberry trees that have sprouted all over the city yard.

tree count:

86 pecans
29 oaks
75 hackberry
40 camphor
4 cherry laurel
4 sweet gum
1 mulberry
1 red bud

Then last night after this month's event at the art consultant's we headed home. In the spring and fall they host these little get togethers to showcase different artists. We've been trying to raise our visibility so we've been attending.

One other thing. We definitely have babies in the nest. I suspected it last week before we headed out to the city but today, the wrens are very busy and the babies are getting noisier.


  1. Collected sprouted trees? What a great story to tell all by itself. Who, what, why?

  2. I know how you feel about the tub. I'm moving and I have no space for futon and I put up a take for free sign and I had someone here the next day; it was excited because it is going to be the bed of local college student.

    I love the flower and the bee. So incredible how you can transform the, wow!

    Trash pick up is free in New York, but when I lived in the Midwest I did the same. Burning days turned into bonfire days lol

  3. Congratulations on the baby wrens! Seems like a good sign to me.

    Talk about fertility! All those trees and baby birds ... wow.

    I love the pic of your finished piece. All of your work that I've seen, including the little green face I'm now in possession of, seem to generate light. I know that's part of the magic of glass but ... wow.

  4. Your finished glass piece is beautiful! So unique. And yes, I agree with Rosaria, I want to hear more about the trees, because we all know everything you do is with purpose. Are you weeding? Replanting?
    Ever so busy! :)

  5. The artwork is beautiful, Ellen. Amazing what comes out of molds. People who live in Portland, OR put all of their stuff out on the street corner. Invariably it is picked up - to become someone else's treasure. I love that.

  6. I love the finished work, but I also really like the waxes. They suit me quite well in their brown beauty.

    I reckon it's good you pulled up all those trees - that would be quite some forest at the city house otherwise!

    We generate very little trash ourselves, but our recycle bin is often overfull. At some point I'd like to get the recycling down too - but I think that might require some actual cooking on my part instead of opening boxes.

  7. Your work is stunning!

    I am glad the tub found a new home, I dislike throwing anything away.

    Wrens are supposed to be good luck for the home owner.

  8. The delicate flower and leaf is beautiful.
    Oh to have some of those trees!!! What a glorious sight indeed. That is amazing.
    I use "Free-cycle" here. A great way to "share" stuff you no longer want or need. Keeps things out of the landfill for sure.
    We take our trash in too!! Easier that way!

  9. Such a tender time, especially with baby birds arounds. I hope they make it safely out of the nest and into the world.

  10. That bee and blossom is so pretty!

    Wow, you pulled up an entire forest!

  11. I bet the scavenger sold on your bath tub. Cast iron baths fetch enormous prices here, depending on the condition, of course. I'd have taken it off you for some water plants of my own.

    Hope the profile is well and truly lifted.


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