Saturday, April 16, 2011

so, moving right along...

Today was the local garden club plant show and sale. I'm an actual member now so instead of just showing up as I did in previous years, now I actually have to be there. I manned the membership table with another lady. I received my work assignment in the mail because I missed that meeting. oops, forgot

8 AM – 11 AM

8 AM – 11 AM?

Obviously, these people don't know me. I'm barely out of bed at 8 AM. I've had no coffee, no breakfast, barely been to the bathroom.

And, I don't own an alarm clock.

Am I going to have to call you?” my sister asks.

No, no. I can do this.

And I can, do. It's just that my circadian rhythms normally run about 2 hours behind everyone else's.

I actually got there early so as to look over all the plants offered for sale and make my selections. I even got there before my sister.

I wasn't planning on entering anything in the show mainly because my attention has been elsewhere but also because the main thing I was going to enter I stupidly forgot it and left it outside during a night of temps in the 20s and it is now, as we say, muerte. But in the end I picked out two plants in pots and took them.

I got a ribbon.

desert rose
3rd place in the 'dry dish' category

The event happens at the Wharton County Museum (that's also where we have our meetings there in the 'meeting room'), which happens to be just down the road from our country house. Besides the plant show and sale there is also a silent auction of garden related things donated by members and businesses.

the plant sale on the lawn out front

the plant show on tables inside with the exhibits moved back/condensed

each table represents a different category I think there were 8 in all

got a question?

At the end, after even the half price last hour, whatever plants that were left were given to whoever was standing around that wanted them. So between what I bought and what I brought home, I am going to be busy tomorrow.


  1. And I thought Flower Shows wer a "Middle England" thing!

  2. Congrats on the 3rd place....muerte on the other huh? You mighta gotten a first otherwise.
    You got yourself quite a haul. Happy digging. TOB

  3. standing around for free plants - priceless. steven

  4. You know, that sounds like a really nice way to spend a Saturday, and get in the Spring frame of mind. It's in the 40s here and raining today, so I could sure use a sight of Spring :)

  5. That looks like fun - maybe not for three hours :) We should see if there's anything like that up here. In June probably. Maybe.

  6. Congrats on your ribbon!! And your haul of plants is impressive!! Enjoy the process of planting. Even though it is a lot of digging; it still feels good to dig and place!!
    Fun times for sure

  7. This sounds like alot of fun! Congrats on your ribbon and have a blast with all your new plants. :) I would have probably come home with half the stuff there lol I have waaaay too many plants!

  8. Woohoo, no more calls, we have a winna!!!

  9. congrats on third place, I think that is great. we still have snow here. I so envy you that you can play in your garden already. loved your finds. have a great day Ellen.

  10. Such happy nodding plants! They are lucky to have gone home with you. Still too cold here- The frogs are so confused- they come out to sing and Croak- too cold for them to carry on.

  11. I hate droughts. I become dirge-like, I feel dry and withered, even though as a human hooked up to the grid, I have all the water I need. Hoping rain comes your way asap.

    In the meantime, mazel tov on winning a ribbon! Very cool. Love all the pictures, it's looks like lots of fun.

  12. Cool!1!
    I guess showing up is good!
    Hanging around to the end is profitable!
    Having a sister to bug you is precious!

  13. Local garden club plant show...what a wonderful idea, and commendable of you to get involved. It would be interesting to compare notes of the garden enthusiasts assembled.

  14. Loved this! When my girls were in Junior High this was one of our BIGGEST fundraisers! Where we live, everyone has lots of greenery to share. We loved getting/buying hardy plants that had been split from favorite yards across our small town. I need to revisit the town for the spring sale! this was a great reminder. Congrats on the ribbon♥

  15. Nice event! Hope you found a place to plant everything.

  16. Congratulations! I don't know how I missed this post, but this is the most awesome way to spend a Saturday.

    An award and free plants. Count me in!

  17. Looks like a nice show and congrats on winning a ribbon! I'm not a morning person, either, and sometimes it takes me till noon, to get going! :)


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