Tuesday, April 26, 2011

cuteness abounds

It's just a regular wildlife safari around here.

I've been trying to get a picture of the baby wren for days but now that it has attained true flight, it's not very cooperative. The little family stays in my yard, in one tree or shrub or another around the house. The whole family was in the garage a half hour ago but flew out when I poked my head out the door. Here it is in the yew tree outside my bedroom window.

Yesterday I was standing on the concrete apron outside the garage/shop when two little baby squirrels scampered right past me, pausing in the grass about 5' from my feet looking at me curiously and not the least alarmed as I looked back at them. Then off they went to explore the new shop and I ran in to get my camera, shouting 'baby squirrels' into the interior of the house.

By the time I got back out there, camera in hand they had exited at the other end.

Investigating the row of crepe myrtles along one long side.

Dashing off to the next bit of fun.

Back through the shop.

Lady, would you please stop with the pictures already!

This morning I finally saw one of the rabbits that live in the wild space and the 13 acre field behind us. I've been seeing their poop for three years.

I thought I might as well check on the little frogs that live in my water collector, which is all but empty.

OK, I know this guy isn't exactly cute but he was about 3' from my back door last week and very frightened by the attentions of the stupidly fearless cat.

And I wonder why it's taking me so long to get these pieces finished.


  1. Baby squirrels! I'd be distracted too.

  2. Just exactly what happens here, every moment a wildlife animal distraction - but aren't they worth it! Lovely pics - feel like I know wren already!

  3. The frogs are cute, they look like they have ear-to-ear grins :)

  4. Critters! Critters everywhere!

    Love the birdies. They keep the cats chattering...


    p.s. you asked on my blog how else one would eat ribs if not with the fingers. The woman on the bus eating the ribs didn't bother me so much, but when she started in on eating the COLESLAW with her fingers, that's whre I draw the line!!


  5. I saw some bunnies hopping in the woods across the road and stood mesmerized, watching them play hwile I was supposed to be pulling the frame off the old door with glasswork. It occurred to me that time stands still to watch nature .....

  6. Oh, the frogs. It is all about the frog here at the kampground!! I was watching he who cleans the pool blowing leaves ..... and frogs out of the bottom of the pool as we prepare to clean and fill it. I was entertained until I saw the snake. Unfortunately my camera charging cord is in Minnesota ..........

  7. Oh the cuteness! We love squirrels at our house :)

  8. Too easily distracted missy ... and if you're photographing rabbits and squirrels then you are actively looking for things to distract you!

  9. Ah, so much to do, so little time; so much to see, so little time. Glad you took this time to show us these beauties. Three years before you saw the rabbits leaving under your nose?

  10. i love the arrival of the little critters in our backyard. it's a sort of validation of making it right for them. steven

  11. The birds, bunnies, and squirrels are cute, but the frogs and snake are creepy! But I guess with 13 acres, you see it all!

  12. You're surrounded by wonderful creatures.. though I'm not keen on snake - they're still quite wonderful. Aren't baby squirrels just the sweetest?

  13. I don't wonder at all that you get behind in your work. Who wants to work when they have these riches on the doorstep?

  14. Wow!! Some of that is happening here but it is to avoid the high water.

    What kind of snake is that?? I hope he is harmless.


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