Wednesday, December 30, 2009

sky works

This past year has brought some changes internal and external and in other ways, nothing has changed at all.  I might muse about that later.  For now, I think, I will leave my new community, my faithful readers dare I say my new friends? at this year’s end, this decade’s end, with a gallery of sunsets.  One of my first posts back in February was to brag about our sunsets out here at the country house, home now.  The back of our half-acre looks south and west across the 13 acre field behind us.

I had sunsets for every month except January (before the blog and I got in the habit of having my camera with me) and, for some reason, September.  For September, I used one from August and the one for January is actually one from November. But for all the other months, those pictures are from those months.













And one extra, just because I really like it and because it was really hard to pick just 12, or even 13 for that matter.

Tomorrow our daughter and the grandkids are coming out to shoot off fireworks and spend the night.

See you next year!


  1. A year of sunsets in review - how lovely. Have a great and safe new year's eve with your family.

  2. What a great idea! I really like to take sunset photos, but never thought to do that. Thanks for sharing your great photos.

    Mike Z
    My Photographic Memories

  3. Beautiful - I want to climb right inside the pictures.

  4. Love this idea Ellen..thanks for sharing. The color is February and July are my favorite. Just beautiful.

  5. Ellen, those photographs are so visually stunning. I feel so sad for people who look at nature and don't even notice the grandeur in it. A glorious sunrise or sunset, rain on the water, a shower of autumn leaves cascading down from shivering trees... We are given so many free gifts. How could anyone with eyes and ears and a heart and soul not see and simply marvel at the beauty of it all.

    Thank you for capturing those images and for sharing them. It's also very poetic of you to choose your sunset photos as a metaphor for closing out a decade. You can be so deep sometimes, chica!

    Happy happy new year my friend. I look forward to many wonderful bloggy days in 2010 - and maybe even a face-to-face!

    ♥ Alix

  6. gorgeous sunsets ellen. i love colour and light and sunsets are the biggest canvas i see. thanks for your cool blog and for the supportive links you've sent me this year. i am truly grateful for the headstart you've given me. have a fun new year's eve! steven

  7. Glorious!!

    Warmest, woolly wishes for a wonderful 2010, to you and yours, Ellen~!

  8. Don't ask me for a favorite, please. I do love how different the colors are, and the gold is wonderful in July. Beautiful symbolism, my dear, and may your new year rise with beautiful sunrises (and moonrises).

    Happy Blue Moon.

  9. Oh my dear FRIEND! You are always so generous with the eye candy!! I wish you the best in this new secular year to come.

    Have a blast with the family, read you next year!

  10. Thank you for the lovely images! Have a happy New Year!!

  11. Wow Ellen, each photo is more glorious than the last! Just when I thought Aug. was my favorite I saw Sept, Oct, then Nov.........

  12. Beauty in nature - what a gift! I love June and that one in October looks like a huge angel to me.
    Happy 2010!

  13. Wow wow and WOW. A year of beautiful sunsets? Ellen, thank you!!

    Did I ever mention that my full name is Reyasdottir which means (according to my initiators) "daughter of the sunset?"

    How cool to see my "parent" in so many different outfits.

    Happiest 2010 to you!

  14. The're all so unique and stunning...really beautiful.

    Happy 2010!


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