Tuesday, December 1, 2009


It’s cold and windy and rainy outside.  We’re due to have our coldest weather yet later this week.  High 30s.  Maybe even that four letter word...snow.  It’s snowing up a storm right now in El Paso.

We’re in the city now, in this drafty old house.  The gas heaters are going.  Not all of them, just the one in the living room and the one in the back room where my drawing table is.  We have one in the bedroom but we don’t usually turn it on and one in the other little bedroom which is now the office.  Sometimes we light that one because in that room, the north wall is mostly windows.  Drafty windows.  We usually hang a blanket over those windows when it gets consistently cold.

This is the kind of winter weather I dislike the most.  And unfortunately, being here on the gulf coast where the north and south are still fighting it out, it rains a lot during winter.  Long hot dry summers, like we had this year, are often followed by unusually cold winters.  Great.

I know I shouldn’t complain.  I know there are people out there enduring cold, windy and rainy weather without adequate shelter, clothing, food.  Without running water.  As bad as the weather is out there, I can go to the bathroom and flush it away.  Still, I am unpleased.

We can’t really work effectively in weather like this either.  Sandblasting is out.  All but one of the panels has been sandblasted and I washed all of them today.  And of those, only three don’t need a little touch up so that limits what I can get accomplished on this job until it stops raining at least.  Instead, I’ll work on the next job, gluing the dicroic glass to the jewels.

Raining, still raining.  I think I’ll go to bed.


  1. Sorry about the rain - I swear we were almost going to buy an Ark after we exceeded our previous year's drought conditions by 9 inches in one month.

    But that just stinks that can't work while it rains. [and no pics for us :( - yeah, I am selfish that way, heehee j/k]

    Here's hope that it stops soon.

  2. You are not going to believe this: hop on over to my most current post. Yet another reason when we need to get you to Minnesota! Heeheeehee

  3. I thought rains are good..
    Can't say anything..


  4. In the town I just moved to it rained for the first 40 days I lived here. 40 days dammit! Then we had two days of no rain, and now it has rained again for 5 days.

  5. Sorry to hear you can't get your work done in the cold. I know. I'm strange. I'm partial to rain, cold and snow.

  6. ellen, it's intriguing to read about how your work is affected by the weather. this must go back to the beginning of glass-working time! the weather affects me in my bike riding of course. if there's too much snow i can't ride. otherwise it's always on, rain, fog, light snow, even freezing rain if it doesn't freeze to the roads. the challenge with winter is often that the gears get iced up and then i'm stuck in one gear. i wish your glasswork well of course! and a peaceful day for you ellen. steven

  7. We're supposed to get much rain and wind tonight here in New England. Our weather is fickle, though. Tomorrow the temps will be 60 degrees, and dropping. By Saturday, they're predicting snow. It changes all the time like that.

  8. It's 37 degrees here now...but it seems like a heat wave compared to the temps in a few weeks, which usually go down to the single digits.

    Hang in there, love.


  9. It's 40 & raining here right now. I'm annoyed - I wouldn't go out at lunch on Monday & Tuesday because it was cold... and now I really need to go today & it's cold & rainy. Blech.

  10. Yesterday the manboy and I took a trip to the seaside and nearly froze. When we got back it took me 15 minutes in a hot shower to start to thaw out. Then we had cups of hot tea and a biscuit and I felt better. As long as you surround yourself with little pleasures, you will find you can endure most things happily enough.

  11. Like the song says, it actually does rain in Southern California, but it tends to rain and then clear up rather quickly, which I like. I grew up in Portland Oregon, and back in those days, (I hear the climate has dried up some), it rained non stop for what seemed weeks on end. I was used to it. Sometimes I miss the rain, I certainly miss the green that it brings. I've lived here in this dry climate so long I'm afraid I might be spoiled, a lizard of sorts now.

    Side note, regarding your comment over at my place: Believe it or not, you came to mind when I was writing that post. All that art you produce in glass will remain long after you're gone. What an accomplishment. Keep warm, Ellen.

  12. Sorry the weatherman isn't acting right down there. Let's short sheet his bed.

  13. Bed is an excellent landing place on days like this. By the way... my sister in Dallas got a blanket of snow. And it's official... I will be flying out to visit her in February. If you have time, store my email address in your contacts list (AAHice@aol.com) and we'll discuss the possibility of maybe getting together.

    That would be so cool. I need something fresh and new to make Garret jealous. LOL

     ♥ Alix

  14. Oh, it's terrible, how weather makes us feel!

    Hope i gets better soon over there! But also - it's the days like tis that make sunny days so much more precious!

    Take care!

  15. You need a nice cup of cocoa - with a great big marshmellow!


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