Thursday, November 5, 2009

short stories

Brought to you today in Tekton.

I finally got all the jewels placed on the full size artwork for the JWUMC chapel altar window.  They are counted and ordered.  There are 4 sizes of faceted jewels and four sizes of smooth jewels.  About half of those will have dicrioc glass glued to them before I glue them on the windows.  Now the task is to decide how to place the colors...concentrated near the center and shifting to mostly clear at the ends, equally spaced throughout or mostly at the ends of the rays.  I’m leaning towards concentrated near the center.  What do you think?

It rained so much in October.  This week is the longest we have gone without rain in about 6 weeks.  I am SO trying to be thankful for the rain but it’s getting harder and harder as the dry summer gets farther and farther away.  We have caught up with our annual rainfall.  We were behind 10” at the beginning of October.  Our normal rainfall for October is 3”.  We had 13” of rain this month.  I think it’s safe to say the drought is over.

  The mystery caterpillar has been identified.  It’s a Luna Moth!

I’m going to do the drawing for the pecans (pronounced peCAHN) on Friday.

People at risk, pregnant women, young children are having to wait in long lines for the swine flu vaccine if they can get it at all.  I’m relieved to know, however, that the wall street moguls all got theirs.  Gotta love capitalism.

I think I mentioned in a past post that I was writing an article for a glass art magazine on modeling in wax.  I got pretty far with it and then lost interest.  Well, the editor of that section of the magazine has been poking me lately to finish it.  I promised her I would finish it in time for the next issue.  She said I had two weeks.  Seemed reasonable enough.  That was a week ago.  Aaaack!  Shit, where’s that ass kicking machine?

My to-do list just keeps getting longer.  Besides the three jobs I am working on and the magazine article I need to finish, I also have to put together a syllabus for a new class we are scheduled to teach next August on model making and mold making.  Also been getting poked by the studio that is going to host it to set an actual date in August.


  1. You know why I could never be you? Well, let's count the ways....

    1) I'm lazy
    2) I procrastinate (wait... )
    3) I don't have any artistic talent or vision even though I majored in Fine Art at Flagler College
    4) I would have killed myself already because of the rain
    5) I can't do more than one thing at a time
    6) Magazines don't call me, I call them.
    7) There's only ONE Ellen and she's you and she's marvelous and I love her.

    So that's seven reasons I can't be you, but I wouldn't mind being more like you.

  2. May I apply for the job of Butt Kicker? If I practice on you maybe I will get good enough to be effective on me. [I am only a year behind on the kiln]

  3. I think someone could make good money being a professional ass kicker. I wonder if someone called me up & pretended to be Jillian if I would get up & exercise? Or would she have to actually come into my bedroom & drag me physically out of bed? Hmmm...

    I like this font.

  4. LOL! And the list gets longer! If someone invents that ass kicking machine, I would be first in line to get it...more so than the flu vaccination. Of course, I could have my husband do the lick ass part, but that doesn't work as he's worse. Perhaps that pecan machine might be modified to do the trick??

  5. I like the idea of the colors concentrated near the center, and lightening as the rays extend outward, casting a soft glow.

    Those flu shots, what a joke. Swine shots are nowhere to be found here, and the regular flu shots are pretty scarce too. Just keeping washing those hands. And maybe staying home.

  6. Send that ass-kicker my way when you're done with it!

    I like your idea of radiating from the center.

    Good luck, you can do it!

  7. Oh, on the color distribution - not knowing much on how the glass jewels will transmit the light, could it be made so center is white/yellow and then radially transform to colors moving away from the center. The burning bush idea. The center being the spirit radiating out to a halo. May be too obvious. I am sure whatever you do will be fabulous.

  8. I agree with Joanne about the jewel placement..that sounds beautiful...please let us see the finished result!

    we have a luna moth chrysalis in the classroon right now...supposedly it overwinters and will hatch in the looks kind of dry looking to me..we'll see

    Thanks for stopping by today and you are right, my first response was perfect :)

    Peace ~ Rene

  9. We need to hire retired military commanders and put them in charge.

  10. But isn't it great to be busy?

  11. Yes, colors toward the center fanning out to clear - it would be lovely.

  12. Can't wait to see.... I am all over #7, too. Ass-kickin machines?? be careful what you.. I just go all sci-fi. xoxo


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