Wednesday, November 18, 2009

another minute of fame

I’ve just learned that my blog is being featured on Magaly’s blog Pagan Culture today.  I’m thrilled and honored.  I just wish I had a stunning post ready.  I was planning on coasting on yesterday’s.  If I was really ambitious I’d have a list of links to some of my better efforts but you’re just going to have to stumble around instead.

I’ve just found Magaly’s blog recently and she is such a sweetie to do these features on other bloggers.  If any of my regular readers have not visited her before then you should scoot on over there.


  1. Well, like grandma used to say: "You should always be ready with a clean sink in case of late night visitors and cute underwear in case, well... just 'cause you never know what might come up."

    Hmm, I just read that again and can't believe my 98-year-old grandma told me that so many times lol.

    In any case, anyone who visits your blog will be delighted, all they have to so is follow the pretty colors!

  2. What a nice gesture on Magaly's part. I'm headed over ...

  3. Congratulations! Oh, um, Magaly, what was the clean sink for? My imagination is running wild and none of it's good . . . ;)

  4. Congratulations! I'm heading over to Magaly's blog right now!

  5. Cool, I know some one who is famous!

  6. Oh, excellent, Ellen! Congratulations. Your blog is RICH!

  7. It's great when someone notices your blog! I was featured on a blog once other than my own and I was thrilled.

  8. Congratulations, Ellen. It's a nice feature.

  9. Congratulations!

    Hey your blog is awesome, no matter what you're writing about. It's REAL. That's why I love it anyway.

  10. Hi Ellen!

    I found my way over here via Magaly and I'm happy I did.

    I love your writings and your artwork is AMAZING!

    I'm a happy little follower now. :D



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