Friday, November 6, 2009

the continuing nature of my life

today’s post is presented in Chalkboard.

painting by Gustave Dore

I’m afraid my posts will be a little mundane for awhile.  I’ve started on the intermediate size art for the third job.  I’m wrestling with angels on this one.  I’m having to reconstruct a design of an angel from a very small photograph (I hate this part) for the doors into the sanctuary of a historical Catholic Church in the hill country.  Fully into these three jobs, I don’t have the luxury of the time to come up with something thoughtful, profound or witty.

I’m headed back to the city tomorrow (Saturday) for the day.  My granddaughters are having their fall festival at their school and they are going to be working in the Haunted Hospital.  They came over several weeks ago and requested I attend.  I’ve also promised my grandson I would go for a bike ride with him.  

One of the things I have always done with my grandkids was introduce them to gardening.  Just about every year we would clear a section of garden and I would take them to the plant store and let them pick out three or four small pots of flowers so that each child had their own little garden.  Of course, they would quickly become overwhelmed with weeds but enough would bloom.  They have been after me to take them to the plant store since spring but with us leaving town on Thursdays we are hardly there on weekends anymore.  I told them that they were old enough to clear out the garden themselves and if they did so, then I would buy them some flowers to plant.  Well, a couple of weeks ago I happened to notice that they had indeed cleaned out the garden.  So that is another thing we might do.  

I’ve also promised to help a friend move.  Fortunately she’s moving to a different apartment in the same complex.  Unfortunately, she likes to live on the second floor.  She feels safer that way.  I have no idea how I am going to get all this done tomorrow.  I hope I don’t end up spending the night but it is a possibility.

The good news out here at the country house is that we finally got high speed access for the internet today.  No more running down to the library to see what all my peeps are up to.

And now, for the winners of my little give-away!  I used the time honored method of putting the names in a bowl, stirring them around and without looking, drawing out the slips of paper.  The winner of the one pound of shelled (by moi) pecans is Kathryn.  The winner of the two pounds of cracked (but not shelled) pecans is Reya.  Ladies, if you will send me your addresses, I will ship them off pronto.  My e-mail address is available in my profile.  Ignore the spam goon, I’ll get it.

And have I worked on the article yet?  HA!  I still have almost a week.  Plenty of time, she says.


  1. ellen you are such a busy person - between the work of your life, the loves of your life and especially the gifts that you give to grandchildren and bloggy visitors. through it all the rich vein of humour persists!!!!! go girl!! steven

  2. It is good to be busy. I cleaned out my sewing room yesterday and am feeling a little creative itch....

  3. Yikes!! I hope things slow down at least a little bit!

    That Dore painting is one of my very favorites, a perfect depiction of my dance with the life of the spirit.

  4. Congrats to the nutty winners! I really like this font, by the way, it's so much easier to read than your usual.

  5. Honestly, I don't know where you get the energy to do half the stuff you do. I got tired just reading your list! I bow to you, Ellen. Hope it all went smoothly!

  6. I fell in love with you when I read "One of the things I have always done with my grandkids was introduce them to gardening." My grandma did the same for me. She was really into it, for we were very poor country folks and our fields were grocery stores, pharmacies, coffee shops... we grew all what we eat.

    It was a lot of work of course, but when Mamá (my grandma) would teach me how to make perfume out of lavender and rose, or a hair piece out of fresh daisies, I used to go crazy.

    Mamá was my maternal grandmother, she traveled to the Summerland about a decade ago, but she has never really left. She is with me when I look at my very few plants (I live in NYC now and don't have a garden) when I cook using her secrets... when I walk outside and I see nature blooming. And right now, of course, when I read about another grandma enjoying life with her little ones.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful things in your head ;)

  7. Life does tend to get in the way of everything else. Hope the article finds itself written.

  8. Hi Ellen

    I too love that painting. Thanks for posting it

    Happy days

  9. You sound BUSY !!!

    Can't wait to hear stories of Reya cracking her own nuts LOL

  10. Wrestling angels is easier than wrestling demons. My but you are busy, good luck with it all.

  11. The one thing that is a boon to the fast pace of what is going on is the high speed internet. That can be fast but I know you would like the rest...including just slow down. Don't we all get to feeling like hamsters on a running wheel at times?
    Congrats to the pecan winners!!

  12. Lovely Crazy Lady! You're making me dizzier.

  13. Ellen, my Queen...

    I know you're swamped, but please swing by Casa Hice when you have a minute and pick up the award I left for you...

  14. I would love to have someone plant gardens with my boys. I guess it'll have to be me, but no one ever taught me how.


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