Thursday, November 19, 2009


buttermilk coconut pie

This is what I had for dinner Tuesday night.  Pie.  Well, there was some baked chicken and beets in there too, but it was mostly pie.  

My granddaughters' school had a fund raiser and the item they were selling was pies from the Pie In The Sky Pie Company.  We bought two and they were delivered Tuesday.  The pecan pie we put in the freezer but the buttermilk coconut pie, we ate.  And it’s really good too.

We’re very busy right now trying to keep three jobs moving along but there are many times when we don’t have any work at all.  I know you’re asking yourself what’s this got to do with pie.  So Husband/Partner decides in his infinite wisdom that it’s because we don’t have a catchy name.  

“We need something like ‘A Pane in the Glass’”, he says.

“Um, no.” I say.

He tries again, “’Two Glassy Lassies’?”

“Besides the obvious fact that you’re not a girl, no.”

“Ok,” he says “how about ’Lucy In The Sky With Pie’”. 

“’Lucy In The Sky With Pie’, I like that.” I tell him.

It should be Lucy In The Sky With Glass, but glass just doesn’t have the same zing.

So the other thing about being busy with work is that neither of us feels much like cooking when we’ve both put in long days.  Guess what we had for dinner last night?


I just love being a grown-up.

Tomorrow I’m getting the new business cards printed.


  1. Hold the presses! Think twice about "A Pane in the Glass" - its a grabber! Hmmm - I didn't consciously intend that double entendre - but maybe my inner scamp did.

    Never heard of Buttermilk Coconut Pie - sounds scrumptious.

  2. I like "Lucy In The Sky With Pie", it's a conversation starter. You can always tell the story and people will know that your work is not only beautiful, but it has soul too.

    You need to show us the business card after you get them; whatever you decide to print.

  3. Oh those are some of the best dinners, aren't they?

  4. LSP...heh,heh, I love that. I have a recipe for coconut buttermilk pie and it is out of this world...a trip on LSP!

  5. But how would you order a job? Could you please come over and give me an estimate for some etched pie for my front door and the etched pies for my bay window? Or would you just say Lucy me this? I'm so confused. Right brain and Left brain are arguing. And worst of all I'm hungry dammit. My Yuengling breakfast has not tied me over and now I need pie. And not glassy lassie pie either.

  6. Now you've done it .. I want a slice of that pie ... looks so good

    I like both names ...

  7. are kidding, right? Please tell me you're kidding...

    Where would Picasso be if he named his company "Abstracts R Us?" If you had to look in the phone book under "Starbaby" to find Stephen Hawking? If Chihuly signed all his pieces "Eyepatch Glass?"

    All a catchy company name does is make potential customers go through another layer of translation to associate company-you-product. It typically doesn't work that well for small companies who mostly sell their brains/creativity, especially if they've already built up a rep with their real names. If you've got all kinds of bucks for a branding campaign to build that association, great. If not, prolly won't help much and could really hurt.

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  9. Yes, yes, it was a joke!!! We did have the conversation, in fun. The pie for dinner, however, was not a joke. So, no, I am not really changing the name of the company which is Custom Etched Glass, btw. I've had that DBA for over 30 years.

    Geez, you people are gullible. And I mean that with love in my heart.

    Kelly - thanks for visiting. My pie came ready made. You'll have to get the recipe from Willow (see above).

  10. Well...I HOPED you were kidding, but it's amazing the number of people who aren't. The only pro client I've ever had who really needed a DBA was doing something kinda offsides and didn't want his neighbors to know. Everybody else spends all kinds of time dreaming up a cute name for their business, which is just sad.

  11. Pane in the glass - I can't help but love it. And while I just went out for a lovely thai meal, a piece of pie sure does sound nice.

  12. Hee hee - I kind of like "A Pane in the Glass" - it's very artistic and catchy.

    I want just one bite of that pie...

  13. Boy that pie does look scrumptious. Dr. M bought a pecan pie for some fundraiser or other (I can see this is going to be a pattern with him working at a small university) - but we don't have it yet. I'll just have to drool over yours.

  14. Yea! all grownup, all grownup, pie for dinner. Ok, well, um....pie for dinner, piefordinner, yea! On a quest for a recipe now. xoxo.

  15. ellen i love pie and i love glass so what about "life through a pie glass" - not serious really . . . not serious . . . . show us the cards!!! steven

  16. You made me smile and reminded me of back in the day. When I was opening my Kitchen Showroom I teased my husband that I should have named it "Bitchen Kitchens", after all this is Southern California.

    After my mother turned 75 and I would take her out to dinner she would order pie. She said that one of the advantages about being an old lady was you could have pie for dinner.

  17. I'm hungry now having seen that pie. it's not fair.

    I liked your alternative name. I rather liked the 'Pane Threshold' - because we all know that women have a higher standard than men.

  18. Mmmmmmmm, pie . . . I love when the fundraiser is something to eat. It sure beats wrapping paper.

  19. I am rolling with the names...a pane in the glass! Only a guy could come up with that one! Youa re so's great being a grown-up and eating exactly what you want for dinner..dessert!

  20. I know you were joking, but I'm still casting a vote for Pane in the Glass!

  21. Mmmm....if you want to send me some of that pie (especially the pecan), I'll happily save you from ingesting those calories. :)

    And yea, I kind of like 'A Pane In The Glass.'

    It's catchy and fun. :)



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