Friday, November 15, 2013

work and weather

I've been working on proposals all this past week.

I had three appointments all on the same day last Thursday and all three residences are basically in the same area. Before my last appointment, as I was driving there from my previous one, I passed a house with the architect's sign out front, you know like contractors put in yards when a house is being worked on. I wondered if that was the house and as it turned out, it is.

So now the proposals are done and two are submitted via email being budget figures as opposed to doing sketches as well. The last one I will present next week when we are in town to finally work on the peacock window.

Have I mentioned the peacock window? Our current job, a 4' x 4' window above the tub in a bathroom. The client wanted a peacock with a waterfall in the background. I've had the art work done for a week.

The first time they delivered the glass, it had a big chip in it. The second time they delivered the glass it wasn't the right thickness. It is supposed to be delivered again on Monday.

We've also been working on stuff for the open house in December. Marc has cast three small bowls though they have yet to be cleaned up. I'll do that part. He got all the holes drilled for me in the embossed glass window or garden ornaments I did so now I have to get them rigged up with the wire for hanging.

That looks to be all we will get accomplished for the open house before it's time for since we will be working on the peacock window pretty much between now and then.

Been a pretty boring week around here all in all though we did get two nights of our coldest weather yet, down in the 30s. We actually turned the heater on for the first time.

It's off now as it warmed up nicely today. This will be our pattern pretty much until after the first of the year when it may stay consistently cold.

Or not.


  1. i did the same thing here - turned on the heat (too early!) and we had two nights of freezes - one at 29 and the other at 32.

    your peacock sketch looks good. hope 3rd time is the charm for the glass!

  2. Nice peacock! We're having intermittently chilly weather too. We had the fireplace on last night.

  3. I sit with a sweater. Like your peacock, I have always been charmed by them.

  4. Ooh I can't wait to see the peacock window!

  5. I would find a peacock too traditional, but I am sure yours will be perfect for the client. Working glass does require a certain patience I am guessing. Especially when things keep having to be re-delivered!

  6. Wow, a house actually designed by an architect. What a wonderful change. I spent Saturday with a group of architects visiting mid-century modern homes. Great fun.

  7. re the previous post: I have animal skulls and bones and other such stuff in a basket on the windowsill in the sun room. All bleached and long dead, of course.

    Lovely work you are doing, love the peacock idea.


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