Thursday, November 28, 2013

getting ready

I can't believe it took me all freakin' day yesterday to make the dressing for today's meal. And I haven't even cooked it yet.

I started about 11 AM and I swear it was after 5 PM when I finally walked out of the kitchen.

I had made the cornbread Tuesday and set it and the white bread out to get stale overnight. So I started in trimming the crust off and cubing the bread. Next was crumbling the cornbread. Note to self: one recipe of cornbread makes enough for two recipes of dressing. So now I'm wondering what the hell I'm going to do with all this leftover semi-stale cornbread. I'll worry about that later, I decided, as I stuck it in the freezer. The crusts I'll reduce to bread crumbs for future use.

Next, I started chopping the onions, using up the last of our homegrown ones, and the green onions, celery, and parsley. Then cook the bacon, saute the vegetables, melt the butter, beat the eggs, add the seasoning, and mix it all together with the chicken stock.

About every five minutes or so my grandboy, who I fetched from the city Tuesday evening and who is rearranging the furniture for me in the big room, my studio room, is calling me to come look at this, where do I put that, where do you want the other, and do you want to clean the floor over here before I put the desk there?

There were other distractions. Like General Hospital coming on and Robin is racing to the church where her husband, who thinks she died in a fire two years ago but she was actually being kept prisoner to develop a drug to cure an all round evil-doer of some sort of poisoning and has finally escaped, is about to get remarried and will she make it in time?

Like stopping for lunch.

Like rearranging my kites in the big room after the grandboy was through getting it all put back together.

I got the cranberry sauce made after dinner last night while Marc cooked one of the turkeys. Another smaller one goes in today along with the dressing. 

So now it's about 8:30 on Thanksgiving Day morning and the grass in the back of the Big Back Yard and in the 13 Acre Field is crunchy with frost. We've been having our coldest weather of the year so far this past week. Big Mama is hunkered down in her pond.

Our daughter and her family will arrive sometime today with the rest of the food. The other three grandkids along with the grandboy will be staying through Sunday. Unfortunately, our son and DIL will not be coming after all. He started coming down with one of the seasonal cruds that goes around where he works.

I still haven't managed to get any housecleaning done.


  1. Forget the housecleaning! What's the point? It will all need doing again when everyone leaves.
    It froze here last night too. I am hoping that will make the greens all the sweeter.
    Y'all have a good one. Love from Lloyd.

  2. you had me laughing at the general hospital drama. :)

    enjoy your day with food and family. extra stale cornbread be damned! :)

  3. Ha.. the last time I watched General Hospital, Robin (if it's the same one) was a child. I suppose she'd be grown up in real time as well as soap time by now.

    Sounds like you have mostly everything under control. Cleaning up is the last frontier.

    Happy Thanksgiving and Chappy Chanukkah.

  4. I started at 5am and had dinner ready at 3pm, cooking for 15 and serving 3. Passed out 6 family meals in a box this year, so maybe the economy is getting better.

  5. Pretty frost photo. Dressing is bette with hardened cornbread? I make my cornbread just before I make my dressing.

  6. I remember those days of making stuffing. Now I just buy the prepackaged kind and find it's just as good as what I spent hours making. Smaller batch size too for just the two of us.


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