Sunday, November 27, 2022

rain and more rain and more...oh wait, what is that ball of fire up there

fall asters growing around the culvert under my driveway

Wednesday we had a rare thing around here lately, a warm clear blue sky day. Then it rained that night and Thursday predicted to have showers all day as well as the next two days but at least it's warming up. No more nights in the 40s, days in the 50s if we're lucky. At least for the next ten days which is as far as the weather app goes.

Thursday we got 3” of hard rain while I prepared the dressing, flooding the yard and filling the ditch. Fortunately it had stopped raining by the time we were ready to leave to go over to Sarah's house; dressing, butternut/cranberry casserole, and cranberry sauce in hand. We had a pleasant time, the five of us and an older widow ('older' she says, the woman is only 3 years older than me) who lives across the road from Sarah and Mike who Mike has adopted, and I did not take a single picture.

And apparently, because we did not get enough rain Thursday or the days and days of rain preceding Thursday, it rained again on Friday, a hard rain. I know we needed rain, begged for it all summer, but really, the powers that be can turn the fucking faucet off now! The ground is totally saturated. The fallow field at the end of the street looked like a shallow lake. So another rainy day, we streamed Andor, a Star Wars spin off, on Disney. The entire 1st season is available and we're 5 episodes in. This one is really good. Not all of them are, we watched the first episode of Obi Wan Kenobi and never went back.

The rain did stop for a while but then it thunder stormed all night Friday night, bands of hard rain sweeping through. Saturday morning the rain gauge measured a little over 2 1/2”, less than I expected from the sound of the rain during the night. The good news is that all this rain is over having moved through Friday night when they expected it to still be here Saturday. Instead we got a much awaited and longed for blue sky day, not too cold, not too warm.

So I meant to post this yesterday. But after writing I had to go run an early errand and then I got the last of the frit in jars and boxed up that I'm sending my friend in Canada. Back when I was much more productive and producing a lot of the small pate de verre pieces I would buy 5 pounds of every color. Well it turned out I never used some of that frit because the colors were so dense that in a casting they just looked black. I gave a lot of it away to my friend Gene who does fusing so when Bullseye announced a price increase coming up I offered the rest of the frit I don't ever use or won't ever use up to my friend in Canada because not only is the glass frit getting quite expensive, she has to pay high shipping costs to Canada. And then we watched a few more episodes of Andor.

It's supposed to get up in the low 70s today and dry so I'll be spending it outside for the most part, still have vines to cut back and the gutter over the deck needs to be cleaned out.

I'll end with a picture of Cat who likes to play in the bathtub while I brush my teeth at night.


  1. My Jack does the same thing when I'm getting ready for bed. And then he leads me into the bedroom when I'm done and hops up to his pillow.
    We've had some rain, not a whole lot. But it's been overcast. Suits me fine. I'm sick.

  2. We're expecting that kind of rain here over the next few days. As much as we do need it, I wish it wouldn't always have to come all at once.
    I LOVE that photo of your cat. What an adorable little furry friend.

  3. Photo of CAT is wonderful! Frame-able, hang-able awesome!

  4. CK Duncan liked the bathtub and walked along the side while I was in it. He fell in the water once and was a bit less enthusiastic after that.

  5. Our weather has been pretty balmy lately - it's 66 degrees right now at almost 4:30. Cold at night though. Which is nice since I like to sleep in the cold.

    That photo of Cat is wonderful - I agree with Linda Sue - frame it!

  6. I'm hoping to find a calico cat. If I don't, yours may come up missing.

  7. Seems like there's always no rain or too much! It rained pretty steadily here yesterday and got rid of all the snow.

  8. That cat picture is precious and creates so many questions about what she may be thinking. Our weather is a little warmer than normal but a decent amount of rain as well. The leaves are almost all off of the trees.

  9. My cat loved the bathtub, too. In fact, she rather liked the water. She went through a period where every time I'd start to draw a bath, she'd jump in and play in the water until it got to be about an inch or two deep -- then, she'd jump out. I guess animals are like kids. We may not understand the stages they go through, but they sure enough do go through stages.


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