Monday, March 14, 2022

miscellanea with pictures...mostly

We made it through the last of the really cold nights and days. I hope. Not that we made it through but that it was the last til next winter. 
We went from shivering to sweating in two days. Now to start hauling all the plants back out. This nun orchid was backlit yesterday evening.

I used those cold days to work on my watercolor. I added in the branches and then spent over an hour redrawing the birds because I saw a picture of a white browed tit-warbler and thought a male and a female would go well in the painting instead of the crazy colored birds in the picture I'm emulating. They're still not proportioned exactly but they'll do. I started on the female first but she needs more work, loosening up, adding more pigment.

This front rolling in from the east southeast was supposed to give us some rain last night. It didn't.

Minnie has a new spot.

How pathetic are we in this country? The label on this jar of peanut butter says the product is peanut butter, the ingredients are dry roasted peanuts and yet they still feel compelled to tell us that this product contains peanuts, in a kartouche no less. Do you think people will understand that there are peanuts in peanut butter?

I caught mouse number 6 last night. I'll spare you a picture.

I found this beat up post-it note with masking tape top and bottom on the driveway up by the barn this morning where it got blown by the wind. We have no idea what it's from or what that number relates to.


  1. Love seeing the progress on your watercolor.

  2. Your dog is gay. I love your painting ,it is gorgeous as is!! I love finding mysterious notes like that, you could build a story around it.

  3. Here, we would have an additional label telling us that it MAY possibly contain traces of gluten and nuts, seriously. Just to stay safe, I guess.

    I like the colour work of the leaves.

  4. Reminds me of that meme about how the car manual used to come with instructions on how to change the spark plugs and now it comes with instructions not to drink the battery acid.
    I like Minnie's new spot. I think Linda Sue's right- she's trying to tell you something.
    We did get a little rain last night. I guess we got yours.

  5. Your watercolor is coming along so nicely. It looks so pretty! Well done!
    My daughter must be gluten-free and dairy-free with her food. Whenever she is coming over for a meal, it takes me extra long shopping at the grocery store as I have to read the labels so carefully looking for those items. Such long lists of ingredients on some things and I often don't know what some of the words mean so it is tricky!

  6. What! Peanut butter has peanuts in it? I am utterly gobsmacked by this revelation. We humans are such interesting creatures.
    I love watching your watercolor emerge like this. So beautiful.

  7. I see the peanut butter comes from Canada -- there's probably a federal law that says any product imported for sale into the USA that contains nuts must be so labeled. The lawyers take everything beyond the realm of common sense!

    I'm glad you survived the cold and yes, let's hope it's the last for the season.

  8. That was quite a front, and lovely flowers. Stay cool.

  9. That front moving in is impressive. There always is a distinct dividing line, but that is extra expressive.

  10. I'm glad you decided to change the birds. The originals were cute enough, but they reminded me of a 1950s calendar. Even without any birds at all, your painting's quite attractive. I'm eager to see how it develops from here.

  11. I think the new birds will be much better - can't wait to see the finished painting! I like how Minnie's showing her support for LGBTQ kids in Texas!

  12. Your work on the watercolor is pretty. The petals on the flowers are lovely. Between the labels on stuff for California's "everything could give you cancer" rules, and ingredients, a lot of lawyers were retained to get every possible warning on there to avoid lawsuits. And then there are the labels on clothing which are so difficult to remove.


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