Wednesday, March 30, 2022

last class and some yard work

The last watercolor class was yesterday and we finished our last painting.

Jade finished hers too, the one she did on my second background,

and then she worked on the background she did last week, no boat.

I like Jade's work better than mine, she's so bold with her color. She did a really great job, has never had art lessons. She did some really wonderful drawings with an app on my tablet when she was a young teen but somehow I screwed up and lost access to her album years ago, well, all the albums in the app including mine.

Gay suggested I take a 3 day watercolor workshop with a guy in Rockport, 2 1/2 hour drive from here, that she also takes workshops with. It's in mid-April. So, we'll see but probably not. I just looked at the info and the 3 page supply list of which I have two items, a mechanical pencil and an eraser. The class fee is reasonable but it would cost me hundreds of dollars to amass what's on that list. I'll just practice a little more with my cheap paints, cheap paper, and cheap brushes.

In the meantime, I need to do some sketches for a new box. For lack of any other inspiration I'm tending toward Ode to the Bee or Ode to Spring or maybe a butterfly or another bird but nothing so elaborate or large as the heron box. I've done 12 boxes in all which is usually when I quit a series and move on.

As you can see I'm sort of at a loss so maybe if I just start sketching something will happen. It's overcast and rainy today so I shouldn't have any distractions like the yard (so of course the rain stopped and it completely cleared up but still wet out).

And speaking of the yard, I finally got out there and did some stuff this past weekend. Saturday I bought four tomato plants at the Co-Op and some pole bean seeds, mixed up my dirt and got the tomatoes planted in pots, potted the begonia and morning glory bush rooted cuttings, watered stuff, killed some fire ants, pulled more weeds and hay grass, and Monday I started weeding the day lily bed to clear an area for zinnias. Still need to get my bean seeds in and I think maybe I'll plant some potatoes too. I have a big tub that would work great for potatoes but first I have to cut drain holes in it and I have moonflower and heavenly blue morning glory seeds to plant. I soaked them overnight and already they are sending out little root tips and in two cases, first leaves emerged. 


  1. I like reading about your early gardening. Especially about the potato plans. I grow a few every year in a container.
    Do you think you could do the class even without some of the supplies? Maybe ask the instructor?

  2. A two and one half hour drive to go paint sounds extreme. You already know how to paint and beautifully too! Have the workshop at your house and charge some cash for use of the space. It might be fun!

  3. Yours and Jade's paintings are wonderful! Those seeds you soaked want to grow immediately. We were contemplating planting the geraniums we got at Costco, which made it get cold again. Guess we won't have those thoughts for awhile.

  4. Would you ever consider more glasses? I have a stained glass artist friend whose work has grown so over the years. He used to make lovely pieces from commercial formed glass; now he builds entire scenes from "mistakes". Avante guard stained glass. Bob Pozarski. Check him out on Facebook.

  5. Your art (and Jade's) is so beautiful. I truly love your painting. I hope you will continue painting and share your creative beauty here.

  6. Wonderful work from both you and your granddaughter.
    Our potatoes are in the ground, always a must before St. Patrick's Day. This year, we also grow some very early ones in tubs, which we started in the greenhouse, so let's see.

  7. Great jobs on the watercolors! I like your approach to designing a new box -- just start sketching and see what emerges. Our gardening has been set back by a cold blast, but hopefully it will be short-lived.

  8. Well, we're waiting for the big wind and rain here. It's raining but I think it's about to get a lot stronger.
    Obviously your granddaughter has the art gene. I hope she nourishes it.
    Can't wait to see what your seeds bring forth. I used to plant moon flowers. They were lovely.

  9. Both paintings are lovely, yours and Jade's. She got your talent. That last photo looks like it would make a good still life botanical watercolor, too.

  10. Marvelous, both your talents. I am envious and really must try this!!

  11. Both of those watercolors are wonderful; it's interesting to compare how the two of you dealt with light and shadow around the boats. Doing a cost-benefit analysis on workshops is important. I decided early on to pass on the workshops for my photography, and spend my time actually photographing things. Whether the result was good or bad, I'd analyze it myself to figure out the "why," and I think it was a good path for me. Cheaper, too.


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