Saturday, December 26, 2020

the day after

I hope everyone had a pleasant day yesterday.

My sister, who has traveled for Christmas every year since her husband died 10 years ago and spent the holiday either with her daughter in New Mexico or our brother in Washington state, did not travel this year because...covid. Instead her granddaughter Vickie came to spend the holiday with her and so Pam and Vickie hosted a very small Christmas dinner in her new house with us and her roaming adventure friend Bobby. It was very nice and we had a good time.

Pam is the only person I exchange gifts with because she adamantly refuses not to do so and her gift to me this year was this very cool pig birdhouse which no bird with any sense at all will ever nest in because the hole is big enough to give every predator access so it's purely decorative. I love it.

My gift to her hasn't arrived yet, maybe today. I ordered it end of November and eleven days later got a notice that a mailing label, with tracking number, had been created and the post office was waiting for the package to arrive at a facility. Eight days after that according to the tracking number it still had not arrived at the facility. I dashed off an inquiry, they apologized, didn't know what had happened, duplicated my order and sent it UPS this time due to arrive the 29th. The next day, just out of curiosity I checked the original shipment via USPS and it now said delivery scheduled for the 26th, today. So, yay, she gets two.

My brother always sends a gift too, some sort of edible (no not that kind), even though I never reciprocate. This year it was a box of sugar, an assortment of candy from the area, which I got a big kick out of so either he didn't read the post about my blood sugar level or he's trying to kill me. And yes, I'm eating them anyway.

The grandgirls are here at their parent's house across town, the grandboy in Arkansas with his girlfriend. Had planned to go visit yesterday but we all took naps instead so that's on the agenda for today. (After I wrote this Jade and Robin came by for a visit on their way out.)

And so to tidy up this week, Wednesday, instead of finishing clearing out the last 12' of the barn because a cold front was due in that evening with a chance of rain, I got the trash wood over to the burn pile and everything else I didn't want to get wet squirreled away and by then I was worn out and went in and took a nap. We did get some rain and Thursday it was very cold and very windy and I barely ventured out. Yesterday a bit warmer, nice in the sun, but, nah and doubtful I'll get to it today either. We really need to get the roll up doors that were planned for each end but that will have to wait.

Winter is our good sunset season but this year they haven't really been anything much but last night we finally got a good one.


  1. that is a nice sunset- ours, as you know, are grey. Glad christmas is behind us now. I can put thigs away and get out the red and pink lights for February. One month is like the last really. Looking forward to spring blooms and nice weather and a smudged purged white house. That will take major effort.

  2. A truly beautiful sunset. It's always so wonderful when the sky fills with color like this.
    Glad you had a lovely celebratory holiday there.

  3. Lovely, thanks. We too had a quiet day. We both like quiet days.

  4. I quite like the pig and the sunset. Your day sounded tumbly, like a family gathering should be. Even an unplanned, cobble up gathering.

  5. I love your pig, too! It really is cool. I was thrilled today to have my aunt's present finally show up in Kansas City; it was a little late despite my early mailing, but that's ok. I had sent her a lovely scarf in rusts and teals and she was thrilled. I had no idea that she'd been wanting a new scarf -- it was pure luck that I got her a gift she really enjoyed.

  6. That pig is a great present even for someone who doesn't want presents.

  7. Wow! That sunset!
    I got a piggie for Christmas too! Jessie gifted me with a little green ceramic pig planter that I love.
    Yes. Christmas is done. Life goes on as it does in these days. Had another covid dream last night. I was sitting around with many people and realized we were not wearing masks.
    What a year.
    Cold here too but of course it will warm up eventually.

  8. Sounds like you had a nice, laid-back holiday. Just getting together when you could and doing what you want when you wanted. Good for you!

  9. Florida always got good sunsets in winter, too. I LOVE the pig birdhouse! Birds might nest in it, although it seems like it might get hot, being made of metal.

  10. I love the pig birdhouse - it seems very Ellen :)


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