Sunday, December 20, 2020

observations, notifications, and random stuff

The little warblers that winter over here and chickadees and sparrows are visiting the bird feeder.

Today is a clear blue sky 

but Saturday morning it rained 2” worth.

I have two more sweet peas sprouting so that makes 9 all from the same package though I don't know which one.

An enormous group of three ever shifting Vs geese, one nestled inside another like chevrons, flew overhead this morning heading north.

This plant I received in a trade is sending up a bloom stalk.

Next spring's poppies and baby blue eyes are sprouting.

One of the amaryllis bulbs has a leaf tip peeking out.


Marc's mom called Thursday to let us know one of his brothers has covid and pneumonia.

Daughter Sarah came over Saturday to tell us that not only the brother but almost all members of three families, the brother's, the niece's, and a nephew's, all in Dallas also have covid (can you guess they've been socializing together), fortunately not his older far and no one is sick enough to be hospitalized so we are grateful for that.


I've been waiting all summer for a day like today to clean out and reorganize the barn or garage. Am I doing it? No, no I am not. But the dog and I did take a long walk today and I piddled around in the yard some because it is just so pretty out.

I hauled out the angel trumpet for some sun since it really does not like being inside and starts dropping leaves almost immediately and the begonia and bird of paradise as well, went across the street to my neighbor's house for tree ripened grapefruit, 

arranged some small sandstone slabs under the bird feeder to hopefully make it easier for the ground feeding birds to get to the seed that falls, put some pecan 'seconds' out for the squirrels in an attempt to keep them off the bird feeder (hope springs eternal, right?), bathed the dog, found the strand that had gotten pulled off the beaded curtain and reattached that as well as reattached a smaller section on another strand and so now with the previous repair nothing is missing, though it's a little tattered at the bottom, which is a miracle because I've had it for at least 20 years, 

dug out the tubular bird feeder that the previous owners left behind, because I'm thinking it might be a little more squirrel proof, which had three of the six perches missing and repaired that because I had a piece of 1/4” dowel rod which with a little whittling on one end worked perfectly.

So all in all, a fairly productive day. 


  1. Dear God, I hope your people who have covid recover quickly. Scary news.

  2. That was a lotta day!
    I do hope you all are able to avoid the virus. It claimed my cousin's wife. That's enough for me.

  3. So sorry about the covid in your family.
    But very impressed about all the diy work you put in today.

  4. Your garden is such a delight to watch from a distance. I hope the covid patients will all recover without complications.

  5. I had a Virgin of Guadalupe curtain like that but I made the unfortunate mistake of letting her stay in a doorway that was protected but still outside. She did not last. Your hula lady still looks beautiful.

    1. Marc had one of a skeleton playing a guitar which hung in the shop when we lived in the city. it seemed intact when we tried to move it but it basically disintegrated. those extremely fine steel wires that hold them together rusted in the humid environment of the shop since it was only temperature controlled while we were in there.

  6. Hope Marc's family recovers without any issues! Three observations: 1. at first I thought there was a little frog in your rain gauge (just the way the butterfly was showing through. 2. Here is my ignorance - I don't know why it never occurred to me that grapefruit grows on trees. They're so big! Ha! 3. I don't remember that beaded curtain - I love it!

  7. Yikes, that's scary about Marc's brother. Hope he and the rest of the family are OK. You DID have a productive day! I'm impressed with your bird feeder repairs!

  8. So sorry to read about Marc's brother and family. What a bummer. I hope everyone recovers quickly.
    Love seeing your rain gauge there. We have one just like it.

  9. Sorry to here about Marc's family's Covid issues. Hope they all recover soon. That curtain is a treasure. That first picture of the bluest sky is just outstanding -so BLUE! You got a lot of things done today!

  10. Along with duct tape, dowel rod is one of the most important things to keep around the house. Your creative repair brought to mind the repair advice my dad offered in the 1950s: that almost anything can be repaired with a bobby pin, bubble gum, or tape.

  11. Got some new birdfeeders for my birthday. Your place looks like our spring!


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