Sunday, December 6, 2020

busy as a little bee

I was busy yesterday, Saturday. My great-niece is here visiting her grandmother, my sister, and we donned our masks and went to various shops off the square and then in Glen Flora. Glen Flora is a very small community, more like a neighborhood as it has a bar (or did pre-covid, don't know if it was still open), the Emporium, and another little resale shop. The guy who runs that lives in a very cool house in Pam's old neighborhood that I purposely would take his street to get to her house just so I could drive by his house. So anything they want or need in Glen Flora they have to go to Wharton to get but they have some really nice old houses out there. Trish runs the Emporium, an antique store in a really cool old building with a freight elevator in the back that is basically just a platform that rises up to the second floor (I'll have to take some pictures next time I go out there). I've picked up some very nice things there now and then, including yesterday. I have no idea what the intended purpose of this is but as soon as I saw it I was taking it home.

I'm going to use it for a hanging vase when I figure out the best place to put it.

So then we went next door to what used to be the Bridge Street Market which is now in the Emporium and the little shop is still essentially the same and at the same time very different. And I found this and who could resist a 12” snowflake with a jingle bell inside and no I have no idea where best to put it either.

But before all that we went to the 'pop up market' in the old Provisions restaurant building (didn't survive covid but was struggling anyway) and I got some of the homemade noodles I mentioned in a previous post and then to JT's which is an indescribable place mostly to see Theresa who has been in the hospital for a brain tumor and was now back but she had some very cool old drawer pulls that I'm afraid won't fit my drawer holes but I'm going back with one to check (and no they didn't).

Got home, had lunch and then just started dealing with one little niggling thing after another...I moved my elephant 'hooks' into my bedroom, 

I made the repair to the bracket holding the rod and got my lace curtain hung again, I watered all the plants inside, I came across a section from one of the strands of the bead curtain that had broken off and finally made the repair, I moved the bookcase over to make room for moving the display cabinet and discovered that the beadboard had popped away from the wall and nailed it back in place, sorted through a box of old business cards and threw them away, I siliconed a pop top turned into a hanger on the back of the feather I made at the workshop two years ago and got it hung under the blue jay feather tile,

hung the rain chain outside (purely decorative).

Really, I've been busy all week. Friday, Pam and I went to an estate sale out in the middle of nowhere and I picked up a pliers (starting a new tool kit for over at the shop) and found the exact glasses I had been wishing I had two more of just two days previous. Thursday was my volunteer day at SHARE and we were busy the whole time, then a run to the grocery store, and taking the recycling to the collection center. Last Monday I was supposed to get up at the butt crack of dawn to make the 30 minute drive to where my PC doc is now to get blood drawn on an empty stomach in advance of my annual tomorrow. I had forgotten so I had to go Tuesday morning and of course that was the freezing day but I pulled up my big girl panties, as Susan says, and went and got the deed done and none too soon as when I got there the waiting room was empty and when I left it was full. Plus I've worked on my Square store some but to tell the truth I am not excited about the work I have on offer. Must get busy!

Today it's slow moving around here while I wait for it to warm up outside.


  1. You have been a busy little bee! Dang, woman! One of those activities would be more than I do in a month. I love that hanging...thing. Remember I found something sort of like it? I've been using it as a rooter for spider plants. It's lovely!
    I sure hope your package gets to you soon. It's going to be a mess if it doesn't.
    Good luck at the doctor tomorrow. I'm sure you're fine.

  2. These visuals are superb!!! Every time I read you posts and how much you do in a short amount of time, i have to take a nap.

  3. You have been very busy and I am jealous of you getting all of the little niggling projects done when I just think of mine but don't actually DO anything.
    I am wondering if the purchase of the snowflake means you are getting into the decorating for the holidays spirit!?! :)

    1. um, no. I don't decorate and I don't do christmas or any religion thing. if I did any observance for this time of year it would be something more pagan, more true to the roots of solstice. the snowflake is just a stand alone cool object in and of itself and it only cost me $2.

  4. My grandmother had two of those hanging vases on her enclosed front porch. Ivy grew in each of them, the very green ivy bordered in white. The ivy grew in water and she just put in more water. I was eight when the house was sold.

  5. I like the hanging thingy a lot. Tucson just doesn't have good antique stores or second hand stores. Of course, we can't go in there anyway, but it would be nice if there were some next year.

  6. I love bargains and I love unique finds! You did good. I have a "rule" in my sewing room. I won't allow myself to start a new project until I get all the mending done. It is tedious, but it keeps my pile of mending to a minimum.

  7. That hanging thing reminds me of a sanctuary lamp (although they're usually red glass). Very cool!

  8. We have a similar hanging thing and I have been told it's from a church, holy smoke dispenser kind of thing, maybe orthodox, has a lid though.

  9. I would have thought a hanging vase too, but maybe as Bug says it's some kind of oil lamp...? I love those elephant hooks!


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