Saturday, October 3, 2020

what's been going around, came around

Well, the big news is that Hope Hicks tested negative last Wednesday morning, got on a plane with Trump and his closest peeps and developed symptoms during the day and a second test came back positive. Trump knew this and went to a fundraiser in NJ on Thursday anyway, and people have commented that he didn't look well at the event, and Thursday night he and Melania tested positive. Word is those big dollar donors (tickets for the event were up to $250,000) are freaking out that Trump knowingly exposed them. I wonder if they'll still support him with cash.

Apparently the event at the Rose Garden to announce Trump's Supreme Court pick, is the genesis of all these infections as a number of people who attended are also infected...RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, Kellyanne Conway, Senator Thom Tillis, Senator Mike Lee, the president of Notre Dame John Jenkins and at least three journalists. Friday night Trump's campaign manager Bill Stephien announced he too was infected.

Now we have learned that eleven staffers at the Cleveland debate are also infected and who knows how many of the Secret Service. And of course Trump's whole family refused to wear masks at that joke of a debate Tuesday even when asked pointedly to do so and in fact purposely arrived late so that they would not have time to be tested as was required (and to which they agreed), letting them in on the 'honor' system (and if that isn't the biggest joke since when have any of them acted with honor about anything) assuming that if they were infected or been exposed that they would say so while Trump, who very possibly already knew he was infected, yelled and spewed spit and molecules at Biden, frustrated because he couldn't get closer. It would not surprise me in the least to learn that he was trying to infect Biden. What a bunch of arrogant pricks. And now, we're supposed to show compassion for Trump getting sick.

So supposedly Trump and Melania are undergoing quarantine and there is so much speculation about whether or not Trump really has it since everything out of his White House is a lie and that perhaps it's a ploy to get out of the next debates but it also means no more rallies in the interim so that's probably not the case though I have read that his rallies this time around are not as well attended and do not have the energy and spark they did in 2016. Also he was scheduled to do two rallies in Michigan this past week but the state is undergoing a surge and at least one of them was canceled beforehand.

The other speculation has been that they are lying about Trump being infected centering on the idea that it's a trick so that Trump can emerge from covid having no symptoms and healthy therefore underscoring his position that the virus is nothing to be concerned about. Another opinion tweeted was that because there is no real news coming out of the White House about Trump's infection is that he's sicker than they want people to know. However, Friday evening the doctors at the White House decided to transfer Trump to Walter Reed Hospital 'out of an abundance of caution' and it's been reported that they have given him an experimental cocktail that hasn't finished going through trials and the success of which is only anecdotal. But the fact is that Trump and his minions are liars and there is no way of knowing what the truth really is.

We do know this though, Trump's White House has not been forthcoming with information. The Biden campaign and I assume the Bidens learned of Hope Hicks' (who attended the debate) infection on the news the next morning and the White House didn't bother to alert Nancy Pelosi of Trump's imminent transfer to Walter Reed. As third in line for succession if something happened to Trump and Pence, you'd think that she would be informed.

The Bidens and Kamala and her husband and Nancy have all tested negative for which we can be grateful and I hope they continue to test negative but quite frankly, I am not sorry Trump and Melania and the rest of Trump's supporters have contracted covid. Everyone of them refused to believe and follow the advice of the medical professionals, spreading misinformation, refusing to wear masks and social distance and Trump is responsible for the deaths of 210,000 Americans. I do feel sorry for the White House staffers who have been exposed by Trump's order 'preference' of no masks in the White House.

Biden, of course, has taken the high road, has only wished Trump and Melania well and a speedy recovery and has pulled all his negative ads against Trump. Of course he did, because that's who Joe is. But Trump's campaign has not reciprocated and in fact are spreading more lies about Biden's response to the news because, well, that's who Trump is.


  1. And we sit and wait to see what fresh hell unfolds next.

  2. What is interesting to me is that we just can't even venture a guess as to what the hell is going on for sure. But if Karma is the wonder woman of 2020 then the tangerine palpatine is getting his. If he's lying as a way to garner more votes, I hope his staff re infect the apricot asshat. I know I have a special place in hell according to some but hey, I'll bring the wine and party with my friends.

  3. Just when you think that 2020 cannot get any crazier - it does! I hope he recovers soon so the Republicans don't try to postpone the election. I can picture them trying to take advantage of the situation. We need to get on with it and vote him out.

  4. The mind boggles.
    Where to begin.

    As science has shown that symptoms appear at around day 6 of infection, my guess is that he and Hope Hicks were infected at around the same time but that she did not infect him - not enough time between her symptoms and his.
    But it's so easy to blame her or any other person and why not a woman. And China of course.

    My son-in-law just gave me a detailed report with timeline and stock market predictions why he believes it's all staged.
    We agreed that we are suckers for weird conspiracies and that this is one big horror show to watch from a distance.

    Take care, stay safe and be ready.

  5. I was going to say it can't be November 3 a minute too soon. On second thought, it can't be inauguration day a minute too soon.

  6. The head-spinning insanity of this administration is undermining every ounce of trust we've had in every functional institution. We can't believe a word out of anyone's mouth. Ugh.

  7. As I've said elsewhere, it's karma, for sure! Trump downplayed the severity of the virus and ignored science and it only makes sense that he'd wind up with it.

  8. Yes, they expect empathy on social media and the news yet Trump has no empathy for anyone but himself.

  9. I knew I could depend on you to summarize the current situation! I immediately thought it to be a scam, in keeping with the personality of the Whitehouse. If he really is sick, no one deserves it more than he does. I had a camper bemoaning that "poor, sick man, the President". She went on to say that no one deserves to get this awful disease. There are many times I have to bite my tongue, but I didn't this time. I told her that if anyone deserves it, he does, given the fact that he has repeatedly said it wasn't that bad. Doubt she will ever camp here again and I don't care.

  10. So nice to have a group that thinks exactly as I do. There is the line that we should "put aside politics". I just don't get where the line is between "politics" and "LIFE". I mean, stack the Supreme Court with people who will build up military, instead of feeding children? The rich get ridiculously richer while the poor spend their lives trying to make it from one day to the next with Little or no food, housing, or health care? And, of course, the refusal to comply with common sense scientific principles that tell us to wear masks. Did me good to see all those masks escorting his Royal Rump to the helicopter. Appreciate you, Ellen.

  11. I'm in the "I think he really has it & in fact is sicker than they're letting on" camp - although he did just endanger even more lives by taking a joy ride around for a while this afternoon. SMH

  12. I think we should send him a card. I'm going to suggest he stay positive.


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