Monday, November 11, 2019

preparing for the arctic blast

The arctic freeze that is supposed to break hundreds of records is going to slip it's icy fingers down to us tonight and tomorrow night. A drop of over 40˚ today, low of 25˚ish tomorrow night and then just regular January temperatures for the rest of the week. I'll have to get out there and cover the pony tail palm, the porterweed though I don't think it will survive 25˚ even covered, and the pink angel trumpet. I don't bother trying to cover the yellow ones anymore since they always freeze to the ground anyway but they do come back. The pink probably will too but I'm going to cover it anyway. That's first on my agenda for today after breakfast instead of leaving it to the last minute in the freezing wind like I usually do.

Then it's back to the shop to work on the heron box some more. I started regrinding the bottom flat yesterday. The inlay is fitted and I worked on the line of flashing down the front. I'm still not happy with the way it looks but I don't know how much more I'm willing to do to it or if I can even get it so it's not noticeable. Maybe it's just me and my eye because I know it's there.


3:40 PM and it's still warm but the rain has just started, not sure which has more falling, water from the sky or leaves from the trees. I've basically spent the day covering or bringing in the last of the plants, things that would be OK in the low 30˚s but not the mid 20˚s. It took me almost an hour and four freaking tries to get the ponytail palm covered while I sweated and cursed profusely and got bitten by fire ants. It's a two person job to cover it but it's only ever me doing it. I also covered the porterweed, the pink angel trumpet which has yet to bloom for me even though I beg it and threaten it but the cutting I gave my sister has bloomed for her, and the toad lilies which have just started to bloom but I don't expect they will survive either. They are root hardy though unlike the porterweed. 

Other things blooming that Tuesday night will put an end to: the orange cosmos, the white and yellow butterfly ginger, the purple and white Philippine violets, the penta. 

The wind has kicked up now and the temperature is dropping. The windows on the northwest side are starting to fog up.

What I did not get done was working on the heron box some more and I doubt I'll get over there tomorrow either. Still plenty of other stuff to do like finish getting the blue jay feather tile and the sunflower tile from last year mounted in their frames, snowflake ornaments to work on, pecans to shell, dishes to wash, a book to read. Plenty to keep me occupied til it warms up some in a few days.


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous flowers. The toad lilies are a dream.

    Hope it will not get too cold and frosty. We moved all the delicate plants inside and it is rather crowded now. Esp since this dry summer meant that the aloe exploded. They almost need their own room.

    Looking forward to see that heron box eventually.

  2. Today's rain will be tomorrow's not ready for it. I have a doctor's appt Wednesday I'd rather not reschedule. We northerner's anticipate the roads clean and dry, no matter the weather.
    I'm holding good thoughts for that heron box. I have not seen "my" heron at the Truxell Road pond since the golf course was let go to weed.

  3. The front came through here in Seguin at about 2:45pm. The wind and rain blew through and Lucy nearly lost all her hair from the nervous shaking. She quieted down as soon as I went to go lie down in the bedroom because I could turn on the noise canceling thingy and she can't hear the rain and wind as much.
    Anywho the temps fell about 25 degrees in less than half an hour.

  4. I am wondering if I should bring in the small pots of succulents. The others on the ground always make it through. I can see you struggling with the cover and swearing...the plant will like it.

  5. We're supposed to start getting that rain any minute now and then the colder weather. Not supposed to get down to freezing but close. Somehow I just don't care to get out and wrangle and cover plants.
    Your flowers sure are gorgeous.

  6. It's hard to believe that the Arctic fingers will get all the way down to you! Hell, it's hard to believe that we are getting them in November. It's like skipping a month or three. What lovely, lovely flowers and how sad they will freeze. I am still enjoying my mandevilla, although it is down to just a handful of flowers.

  7. I grinned to see that the front came through Seguin at 2:45. I made it here to League City at 5:11. I know to the minute, because it got so unbelievably still that I was sure it was close. Then, I looked at the radar, saw it in Friendswood, and said, "Yup. Get ready." I brought in a few plants, but the others are tucked in a corner with freeze cloth over them and a couple of light bulbs to add a little warmth. They're completely out of the wind and well watered, so they should do fine, even though they're in pots.

    I messed around all day with inside chores, and hardly accomplished a thing. Rather, I accomplished a lot, but it all was in the category of rat-killing. I'd rather have been reading a book.

    1. I mostly just shelled pecans or read though I did get the kitchen cleaned up. everything I really wanted to do required some going outside. nope. not gonna happen. I don't think it got as cold as they said. nothing looks frost damaged and it was still below freezing albeit just barely and no ice on the bird bath.

  8. Well, I'm sorry you're going to lose all those plants but I suppose it's inevitable every year. Can you pick the toad lilies to bring them inside? At least maybe they could survive a bit longer as cut flowers.


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