Monday, April 22, 2019

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and we are ever more closer to extinction, us and every living thing on it, from human activity and any headway we were making has come to a screeching halt in this country as our current government cares nothing for the health of the planet, promotes fossil fuels over renewables and in fact throws road blocks up to renewable energy all so his rich buddies in the fossil fuel industry can get richer. Not satisfied with stifling renewable energy sources, Trump has rescinded EPA standards for clean air and water giving industry the go ahead to dump their toxic waste in our air and waterways and removed this country from the Paris Climate Accords. If ever a species deserved to go extinct, it's us. Unfortunately, we're taking everything else with us. We are currently in the midst of the 6th planetary mass extinction and it's driven by humans. Our oceans are dying from overfishing and pollution, our soil and fresh water is poisoned with insecticides and herbicides, our insect populations that comprise the underpinnings of a healthy planet are decimated, our food is frankenfood more chemical than natural ingredients or genetically manipulated joining bits from disparate species, our weather is getting more and more extreme while we crack the bones of the earth. I wish I could be optimistic but I fear we are past the point of no return and while some countries are committed and acting to eliminate fossil fuels and waste, most are unwilling or unable to institute the immediate and drastic changes that would be necessary to save us from ourselves, to save everything from ourselves. Woe be to us and well deserved.

Love the Mother. She's the only one we have. Treat her as if your life depends on it because it does.

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  1. NIcely done and depressingly honest.

  2. Ellen, you are an articulate and passionate advocate this planet which I cannot help but think of as our mother. I go through my days thinking about all of this endlessly, trying to make every decision count for the best and yet, I fail so thoroughly so often.
    I despair.
    I agree- Woe be to us and well deserved.

  3. Sad that most of natures problems are man made

  4. We move constantly east and south, dragging the drought and pushing down water zones.

  5. Are we the last generation to live a full life? My biggest fear is for my children and grandchildren and that their future is jeopardy.

  6. Trump really is a caricature of an anti-environmentalist. If it's evil and destructive, he wants it. I suspect changes will be forced upon us at some point before EVERYTHING dies, but it's not going to be pretty.

  7. I can remember the first Earth Day. It was a joyous celebration. Now? It's more of a dire warning of our imminent demise - along with all of the glorious flora and fauna we're taking down with us. Soon it will be just cockroaches. Both the two and many-legged varieties.

  8. I am with you AND I am also angry enough to see the point and purpose of rebellion. I am not ready to sit back, relieve myself of any moral obligation sighing of how too late it all is. Environmental collapse is not driven by a mysterious force that renders all of us passiv and distant.

    1. nor I. I will continue to do what I can, have always done, to nurture the earth and vote for those who see and believe.

  9. The young people I know seem to get it. They are our hope.


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