Wednesday, April 24, 2019

another follow-up of the heart and the gorgeousness of this time of year

Another follow-up with the cardiac RNP yesterday. I've been on the additional med for 9 days and am still having episodes mostly every day. They are mild as these things go and mostly last only an hour or two but Sunday I had one that lasted about 7 hours and then after it quit it started up again 3 hours later. So, disappointing. Overall, the condition has improved a lot from when I first went in after 3 months or so of one or two mild to severe episodes a day lasting hours but it hasn't stopped completely. The meds are not doing the complete job and she has put me on what she can and is willing to prescribe. There is another med, flecainide, that could be prescribed but as an RNP she doesn't have the authority and I get the impression that she isn't a big fan of it though, as she says, she's been on it herself. Anyway, she wants to put me on a long term monitor (3 weeks) in preparation for referring me to either one of the cardiologists there in the office or a cardiac electrophysiologist, a specialist in diagnosing and treating irregular heartbeats or arrhythmias (and the doctor that would do an ablation if that becomes the only thing that will put an end to it). My choice. I questioned the value of seeing one of the two cardiologists in the office as a possible waste of time since I was happy with the care I was getting from her and “I assume you bounce all this off them anyway” to which she nodded, just to then be referred to the electrophysiologist later who could, if deemed appropriate, put me on the flecainide and her choice would be to 'level up' as the gamers say. So that's the next step. She's getting the go-ahead from my insurance and ordering the long term monitor prior to setting up an appointment with the electrophysiologist so he'll have all the data when I do go see him. And maybe in another 3 or 4 weeks the meds will finish the job and it will all be moot anyway. 

This is really getting tiresome.

Overcast and drippy yesterday, overcast and humid today. The poppies are nearly done now, going to seed. They have been magnificent with their four petals in red, orange-red, deep red, or scarlet, though now and then a variation pops up...

red with smaller multiple petals,

or with striations in the petals

or sort of maroon

or streaky pink with no black spots

or just blotchy.

The little violas and pansies are also nearly done, all leggy with few flowers but the rocket larkspur and love-in-a-mist are in full bloom,

the clasping leaved coneflowers are too

and while I don't have any queen anne's lace in the yard it's in full bloom all around me.

I saw the resident coral snake yesterday about noon laying out in full sight on a cleared area of ground and I wondered if it was dead. Went in to get my camera and by the time I got back out it was moving under the rim of the small pond so, not dead. Everything I read about coral snakes says they are nocturnal and yet here it is at mid-day.

The green frog that's been hanging out on the bromeliad has moved though judging by the sound when it chirrups, it hasn't moved far. I guess it got tired of me taking its picture.

The anoles really like the heron sculpture and most days it has one or two hanging about on it.

There's still work to do outside...use the trimmer to take out the rest of the hay grass seed stalks in the front, trim the little backyard, redo one of the flower beds inside the fence, take out the flower bed around one of the tallow trees along the driveway that has been a constant battle with weeds, fire ants, and fall asters, dig up the rest of the wild petunias but I'm not feeling very energetic today whether from the afib or the weather who knows. It's also a yoga class day so I don't want to get involved in a large endeavor. But then, if I was involved in some endeavor I wouldn't be seeing the two hummingbirds so busy chasing each other off the feeder that neither one of them is getting to eat.


  1. I'm glad you're getting the 3 week holter, that provides a lot of data. It's good that you're seeing the EP. I started out with a cardiologist and it was a complete waste of time. Your yard is looking pretty lush.

  2. I am so sorry that the meds you're on aren't taking care of this problem.
    Well, eventually it will all be figured out, I'm sure. But I wish you didn't have to go through this.
    Your flowers are beautiful. I have major poppy envy.

  3. Yes, I'm glad you went past the cardiologists to the electrophysiologist at the head of the line. If you're going to have a camera down there looking at your heart, might as well be the top guy on the team. And if it stabilizes with the meds prescribed, yay for you.
    I do like your spring peeper in the bromeliad. Here's a laugh for you. Google has redlined bromeliad as a warning, so I right clicked. It tells me I really meant broadloom.

  4. So sorry that you're going through this, Ellen. I hope it resolves soon and without need of anything considerably more invasive. <3

  5. Your pictures are - as always - stunning and such a pleasure to see. I have looked up plants you have in your garden for their ability to thrive in our climate and have pestered the gardener with requests. And some success, we are now up from one to three plumeria.

    So sorry to hear about the not quite as expected results from the drugs. I hope the new med combo will be better. Don't shy away from more investigations, we only have the one heart.

  6. Hubby had a two week heart monitor this month, but they found he has only a minor arrhythmia. It is still a bit frightening as his mother had heart surgery at his age. Good luck with you healing.

    1. mine seems minor, just regularly occurring. what did the doctor recommend for him?

  7. As Joanne said, go to the doctor at the head of the line.

    Your gardens are so lovely and your little green friend is adorable. The snake, not so much.

  8. Thank the Goddess I will be done with my monitor next week Wednesday. I had my Echo yesterday. I meet up with my doctor in about two weeks. We will see what happens next. So far my heart has been a little quiet. Nothing to write home about. Only two episodes that lasted a couple of minutes. I sure hope you get the help you need for your heart problems, darlin.
    I love your flowers. So pretty. I envy your green thumb.

  9. I'm getting a bit amazed at your ability to not freak out a bit. Or maybe you kinda, sorta are. I hope not. I will try to be as calm and clear headed as you when I have my op. next week.

    Oh lady, thanks for another trip to paradise. I had no idea those outside plants were called bromeliad. I thought they only grew in a dry atmosphere. You're never too old to learn.

    1. no, not freaking out. I've done enough reading about it and it's fairly common and lots of people live with it. I guess if my episodes were long lasting and severe I'd be more upset. and I am taking a med that protects me from stroke. so. plus what good would freaking out do? none.

  10. I'm sorry it's taking so long to resolve the heart issue. It seems like that would be one of the most difficult aspects of having a medical condition like that -- the weeks of trying to pinpoint the cause and arrive at an effective treatment. Here's hoping the new meds work.

    The poppy variations are interesting and that's a terrific frog photo. You could frame that one! I wonder if the dark metal of the heron sculpture gets really warm -- maybe that's why the anoles like it?

  11. Fair this time year, our is in the end of Aug or first part of Sept.
    Coffee is on


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