Wednesday, November 7, 2018

results of one kind and another

The election...Well, it wasn't as good as it could have been but it was also way better than it could have been. Democrats took the House, so Trump will no longer be unopposed in Congress, and flipped a few governorships and state legislature seats, loads of women were voted in, really it was a giant step forward. We didn't get a unicorn, as Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station says, but unicorns are unrealistic. We did well and started our momentum back up. I'm really disappointed that Beto O'Rourke, whom we haven't seen the last of yet and who is out there building his base, didn't unseat Rafael Cruz but rural Texans still come to Republican dog borders, taking your guns, letting illegals matter how big a lie they are, and Texas has a big rural population, and some voted because of the economy refusing to understand that it takes time for economic policies to take effect and Trump is still riding Obama's coattails. In another two years when Trump's disastrous policies have had time to affect the economy they might vote differently. So, of course, Trump's response to losing the House is belligerence and threats if they dare to investigate him. Did we expect anything less? If he wasn't so corrupt, he'd have nothing to worry about.

The castings...The lizard with 10 petal anemone came out of the kiln yesterday and I am really happy with it, not perfect, needed more green frit in some of the leaves and I mistook a part of a leaf for a flower petal, but my worst fears were not realized. I'm not going to show a picture until I have the finish work done. Same with the second hummingbird piece which came out better than the first. And I decided the blue jay feather came out way too good to put on the cheap box so I'm having a stand made for it along with the sunflower and first hummingbird. The moonflower that I wasn't happy with will go on one of the boxes. 

And I've decided to try and finish the flower with bee wax model that I put aside in disgust before I do the finish work on the last two castings.

The rain...

It's like summer out there, hot, humid, air conditioner on, but it's windy today and leaves are falling steadily from the pecan trees. A week from now it's supposed to dip down to the mid 30s for a couple of nights. Guess I better start planning on bringing the most delicate plants in before then. The porterweed that I put in the ground last week didn't like being disturbed, gone from mostly shady to sunny and windy. It's all droopy but I think it'll recover after I prune it back.


  1. I can't wait to actually SEE the castings! I was disappointed in Beto not winning but, as you so aptly put it, Rump can draw the rats from the fields. I'm glad he's (Beto) off building his base. We need him. What whackadoo weather you're having! We've had loads of rain - today was the first dry day in a while and I think (please goddess) we're getting another tomorrow! Be still my heart.

  2. Our weather has been mostly wet, gray and cool, but the partial sun did warm the afternoon enough to go outside without a jacket. Your work is lovely and glad you like it as the artist can have a critical eye.

  3. Well, I love that moonflower.
    I wonder if our country could be as strong as some of the plants we transplant? Cut 'em back and wait to see what happens. Usually, new growth shows up.
    Unfortunately, there are a hell of a lot of unwanted and evil plants that need to be pulled in our garden.
    It's hard, Ellen, isn't it?
    But yeah, no unicorns. But definite steps. I'll take what I can get. As if I had any choice.

  4. It would have been close to a miracle for Beto to win, but he came close and will be a name out there for the future. I am trying to focus on the wins and positives but with the firing of Sessions, a new, frightening picture emerges. Emperor trump holds all the cards.

    1. not all the cards. we have the House and the House holds the purse strings and can appoint Mueller to investigate. but we knew Sessions would go as soon as the midterms were done. removing Rosenstein from the Russia investigation is troublesome though because Mueller can only deliver his report to his superior and his superior decides what will be made public.

    2. well, the general consensus is that anything that could be dealt with at the state level, has been sent there, so that it becomes nothing Trump or his federal appointees can screw with. We can only hope that is true.

  5. Those little mushrooms thrive in the wet.

  6. You're quite right that the blue jay feather is too nice for cheap! I was feeling pretty bummed about NC (not a single Democrat won anything in my county), but it turns out that we actually managed to break up the Republican super majority in the state house, so that's good. I guess.

  7. The mushrooms are fabulous. As is your ongoing work.
    The rest, we shall see.

  8. It will be very interesting to see where Beto O'Rourke goes from here. I hope we see plenty more of him. I didn't watch that race super-closely but he seems very promising. The blue jay feather WAS amazing so I'm glad you're saving it for better things.


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